Lea Michele Reveals ‘I’m Such A New Year’s Crazy Person’

Lea Michele may be best known for her participation on Glee and her Hester role on Scream Queens, but she’s also been making a name for herself as a self help author and lifestyle guru. In keeping with those ambitions, Lea has a few words of wisdom for the teen girls and young women among her followers.

Is Lea Michele Preaching To The Choir, Or Does She Have A Genuine Message?

While Ms. Michele may have proven herself to be an evil devil on Scream Queens, her real life persona is far removed from such chaos. In fact, Lea is all about order and that includes her traditions for the start of each new year. The Glee actress says that a part of her New Year’s Eve celebrations each year includes sitting down to put her yearly resolutions down on paper.

“It’s really fun to look back and see where you are and what you’ve done over the year and what you’ve been able to stick to,” Lea said. “I’m really easy in that I don’t stick to goals that really are so impossible to achieve. I like to be easy with myself.”

New Year’s resolutions aren’t the only things for which Michele will make lists and notes. She says she plans to implement similar practices in various aspects of her life in the coming year. From her career to her lifestyle choices, Ms. Michele is dedicated to streamlining her life and making choices that will help her to become healthier and happier. This can be no truer in any other aspect of her life than in her choices for fashion and beauty. The Scream Queens actress says that she plans to make simpler choices in 2016 and to dress for herself, rather than to present herself with the ambition to impress others.

Scream Queens‘ Lea Michele Wants Girls To Be True To Themselves

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Now that she has time away from the hectic shooting schedule of Scream Queens, Lea has been able to put the finishing touches on her latest book, You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life. The second self help book from the former Glee actress is designed to help growing girls learn how to live their lives in ways that make them happier.

“For me personally, what I’ve learned now and what I’ve learned before, and what I continue to learn now, is just to be true to yourself,” responds Ms. Michele, when asked what the new book is about.

She adds that she thinks the best way to approach life is to be confident in one’s self and learn how to be comfortable in one’s own skin. Lea says this philosophy has worked for her and helped her to attain the success she has achieved in her own life, so she believes it will work for others. While it certainly does take confidence to make such boasts about one’s own personal philosophy, the question remains: has it really worked for others?

“I always get great feedback,” says Lea Michele. “But it’s also really great when you get to meet their mothers and they say, ‘Thank you for being that person for my daughter.’ I met a lot of people during my book signing this year, and they were able to say how these things have helped them.”

It seems Lea has taken life by the reigns and not only learned how to organize her own priorities, but has helped others to do the same with her books.

After taking a short break from acting, Lea Michele will lend her voice to the animated film, Bollywood Superstar Monkey, due to hit theaters in 2017.

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