Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Reignite Romance Rumors On Instagram, And We’re Not Mad At It

Those Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian rumors can pipe down. For now. The Canadian superstar and close pal Hailey Baldwin set tongues wagging Tuesday, after the Biebs shared an adorably tactile pic and video of the pair on Instagram.

And where did this possible romance drama take place? Justin and Hailey are currently on vacation with the heartthrob’s singer’s family and friends on Anguilla, an island in the Eastern Caribbean.

The 21-year-old pop prince and the 19-year-old model and their group were spotted in the idyllic location on Sunday, having jetted in from Canada where they all spent Christmas.

In the first snap Justin posted, the casually dressed pop icon is seen standing poolside while his brother, Jaxon, 6, faces away from the camera.

The “Sorry” singer captioned the shot, “The boyz r back in town.”

Things got way cozier in the video the prank-loving hitmaker posted next. Justin captioned it,”She thought we were taking a photo,” to explain his set-up.

The sweet-as-candy clip shows a bikini and shorts-clad Hailey pouting slightly while leaning back against the Biebs

Meanwhile, Justin smiles impishly, adding an imperceptible nod to the camera, before licking one of his fingers and promptly sticking it in the pretty blonde’s left ear.

At once, realizing she’d been had, the leggy beauty grabbed the singer’s hand and held it, as both silently laughed.

As if all that cuteness wasn’t already on overload, Justin shared a non-captioned photo of him brooding for the camera while putting one arm loosely around Hailey’s neck.

As for the model, she snuggled up close against the pop star with one hand resting on his arm, while she gazed off-camera.

A possibly hammy photo revealing the singer and his father, Jeremy, looking affectionately at each other followed. And, if we’re keeping it 100, even these Jailey shots could be just for fun. To get everyone going — on purpose?

Based on the thousands of comments left under Justin and Hailey’s Instagram posts, they succeeded.

Profane comments aside, one fan exclaimed, “Soo cute my lovers JB.” Another posted a non-smiling emoji after “Jelena,” in reference to the Biebs’ former on-and-off romance with Selena Gomez.

“Dis is not ok,” snarked another fan. “So… are they a thing now, or…[?]” another fan inquired.

Another possible Belieber asked, “Why can’t I stop watching this [?]” One deadpanned, “Ok im dead.” Yet another added, “I honestly don’t mind this.”

And so on. Meanwhile, on Twitter, some of Bieber’s fans took exception to the Instagram reveals, calling it “extra,” which led to other fans slamming the naysayers.

Other Beliebers expressed optimism that Justin and Hailey’s friendship has developed into something more.

One fan posted the tweet below, which alluded to the trip to the Turks and Caicos island that the possible couple took at the end of 2014 to ring in 2015.

Another fan gushed over the possibly Jailey romance, writing the following.

Others went for comic memes.

On Monday, Justin — plus his resurrected man-bun — and Hailey were seen in less suggestive photos on the island. But there’s no doubt many are wondering whether the longtime pals are dating.

A somewhat intriguing look between the pair is seen in the shot below.

In addition to family snaps, the Biebs also shared landscape shots, videos, and pics of his family.

Justin Bieber
The superstar capped his Monday night Instagram photo spree with an inevitable shirtless photograph, alongside a caption urging users to follow his Snapchat account.

As for whether Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are now a couple, amid the ongoing gossip tsunami related to Kourtney Kardashian, it’s probably best not to expect any definitive answers any time soon.

Just saying.

[Images via Instagram]