November 18, 2016
Memorial Service For Woman Who Jumped From Mad Decent Party Boat Takes Place In South Carolina

Kaylyn Rose Sommer's death investigation still has not revealed many answers, but the woman who allegedly jumped to her death from the Mad Decent Party Boat was memorialized in South Carolina at the end of last month by friends and family who wanted to remember her as she was. Summer had gotten married a year prior on the same ship, and although the FBI is still investigating her death, Sommer's body has not been recovered, and there is still no understanding why she leapt to her death from the boat.

According to the Inquisitr, Kaylyn Sommer was last seen climbing over the edge of the ship and dropping into the ocean off the coast of Cuba. The ship was on its way to Cozumel when Sommer dropped into the ocean, and Coast Guard boats were dispatched to search for her. The drop into the sea was about 50 feet, which may have killed her immediately.

The Post and Courier reported that family and friends put together a memorial service at the end of last month to celebrate the life of Kaylyn Sommer, who lost her life off of the Norwegian Pearl on the Mad Decent Party Boat, where Skrillex and others performed.

"I felt like they were going to find her because I just couldn't believe it," said Evelyn Irvin, a neighbor who frequently babysat for Sommer.

Sommer was much loved by friends and neighbors.

"They're the kind of people where you only have to know them for a week and you're [considered] family," Rebecca Irvin said of Sommer and her husband. "Everyone who knew her loved her."

Sommer and her husband were on the ship to celebrate their first anniversary.

WNCN out of North Carolina said that the memorial for Sommer took place in James Island, South Carolina. The party to remember Sommer took place at Chacha's Mexican Grill. The investigation into Sommer's death is still being handled by the FBI.

"Agents met the ship as it pulled into port," said FBI spokesman Michael Leverock told the Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale.

The search was suspended after 24 hours after the seas got too rough.

Rolling Stone said the cruise took on a much more somber tone after Sommer jumped from the rail. Mad Decent promoters put out a statement explaining the situation.

"We are deeply saddened by the news that one of our guests on our current cruise went overboard on November 12. The Coast Guard is now leading all search and rescue efforts and the ship is en route back to Miami," Mad Decent said in a statement Friday. "The safety and security of our guests and the ship's crew is our number one priority, all appropriate safety precautions will continue to be taken for this and all of our events. Our hearts go out to the family and all involved in this incident, and we will continue to support those affected during this difficult time."

The Coast Guard also put out a statement by commander Gabriel Somma.

"The harsh reality here is you have a young woman that went overboard from a very high level off a cruise ship without a life jacket," Somma said. "Every search case is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. You've got to consider her age, her health, her state when she went in the water, the height when she fell in the water … I can't say that's unsurvivable, but it's a dire situation."

Do you think it will ever become clear as to what caused Kaylyn Sommer to jump to her death?

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