‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens:’ Opening Scene A Double Entendre And A Veiled Insult To George Lucas? [Spoiler]

The opening scene to Star Wars: The Force Awakens seems to be interpreted in a fashion that fans consider to be an insult in disguise directed at George Lucas, according to Business Insider. This is a minor spoiler entailing the actions and dialogue during the beginning of The Force Awakens that opens with the highly-recognizable Max von Sydow, known for his roles in The Exorcist, Flash Gordon, Conan The Barbarian, and many others.

The movie picks up where Return of the Jedi left off. On the planet where the first scene takes place, Lor San Tekka (played by von Sydow) is seen handing off a piece of technology that told of the location of Luke Skywalker. It was at this point Tekka said the following words.

“This will begin to make things right.”

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was interpreted as how this information would likely allow Luke Skywalker to be contacted and thus bringing balance to the Force and back to the way things once were. Thus allowing for the comeback of the Jedi Knights.

Now, buzz is going around on Quora through fan discussion that this could also be a double entendre of sorts. A possible veiled insult making a dig at George Lucas’ work on the prequel movies. Commenters were debating back and forth on the meaning behind the line. Some thought J.J. Abrams would not bring himself down a notch just to make a slight at Lucas.

“Regardless of what JJ Abrams personally felt about the prequels it would be an ‘up yours’ to the people, including George Lucas whose creation he loves, who trusted him to do the sequels.”

Another Star Wars fan commented that Empire Strike’s Back and Return of the Jedi screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan and director Abrams would not have done this kind of thing deliberately, but may have just realized it was a coincidence upon reading it over. Others thought the director and screenwriter were completely aware they were “fixing” things other than the Force.

“There’s no way that J.J. and Lawrence Kasdan didn’t read the final script together and go ‘hey, you know it sounds like we’re saying that this film will fix the franchise, isn’t that funny?'”

It looks like The Force Awakens would be breaking the fourth wall, according to BGR, if this were poking an insult Lucas’ direction. However, many fans on the forum were of the mind that Abrams wouldn’t do this kind of thing deliberately considering that it would not have been possible for the Star Trek director to have had the opportunity to work on The Force Awakens if it weren’t for George Lucas. Another mention of Abrams’ dedication to the franchise stemmed on how the director’s reason for getting into the industry was because of Star Wars.

Star Wars Quora commenters continued the back and forth. It was noted by one commenter that such a jab is commonplace in the “world of Hollywood where egos are bigger than Skyscrapers.”

In the same wheelhouse of taking pot shots at George Lucas, during the Star Wars: The Force Awakens world premiere director Frank Marshall jokingly made a remark to Lucas on the red carpet about Jurassic World being “No. 1” in such an assured fashion.

Jurassic is No. 1. Remember that.”

More like friendly rivalry than an insult, though, but an edited Thug Life video was going around on YouTube with Lucas’ response.

“The job is they have to crush you like a bug.”

The video dialogue stops there and a Snoop Dog song cuts in, but the according to The Hollywood Reporter, Marshall and Lucas hugged and walked off.

For those wanting to perhaps reassess the dialogue at the beginning of the film and re-analyze it, feel free to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters.

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