‘Chicago P.D.’ Spoilers: ‘One Chicago’ Crossover Reveals Heartbreaking News For Voight

Chicago P.D. is the second series in the Chicago franchise created by Dick Wolf. After three seasons, the show is still receiving stellar ratings and has already been picked up for a fourth season. Earlier this year, Chicago Med was introduced as the third series in the franchise, and it will be included in the crossover event for “One Chicago” that happens frequently between the shows. While this Chicago crossover will cover a case that includes a doctor murdering patients across several decades, it will also hit home for one of Chicago P.D.’s favorite characters.

According to Design & Trend, Chicago P.D. will feature the conclusion of the crossover event. It will be where fans get a look at who Hank Voight really is at his core, which will lead to seeing a softer side of the typically hard cop. Chicago Fire is going to kick off the event with Herrmann being rushed to the hospital, where the story will carry over to Chicago Med. The two-night crossover event is going to be chaotic for everyone involved, and the revelations will be telling for fans who have watched the Chicago shows since the beginning.

Fans of Chicago P.D. have been waiting to learn the back stories of several of the characters since the beginning. Season 2 of Chicago P.D. addressed much of Erin Lindsay’s past, including her strong connection to Hank Voight and Bunny, her pathetic junkie mother. There has been some talk about Voight’s wife and her death, but the details have never been laid out on the table. This particular show in the franchise is one of the more secretive ones, with details coming out in episodes instead of all at once. Chicago P.D.’s cast is complicated, but it makes it that much more interesting to watch.

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on what will go down with Hank Voight on Chicago P.D. next week. It seems that during the investigation into something that happened on Chicago Med, Voight encounters the doctor who treated his wife. Upon more investigation, it becomes clear this doctor has been murdering patients by overdosing them with chemotherapy medication. This opens up wounds from Voight’s past and also leaves him and the people around him wondering if that was the same fate his wife suffered at the hands of the doctor.

The crossover event will be bringing back Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med from their fall hiatus. Fans are excited to see where this crossover event will head and how people from all three shows will be affected. Right now, Hank Voight is dealing with Erin Lindsay’s mom and a plot to take him down, on top of the revelation that his wife could have been murdered by this doctor. Voight is already a complicated character, and this will just make things even more interesting on Chicago P.D. next week. Will Voight reveal that he has a soft side no one knew about, or will he remain stoic and straightforward through it all?

Next week is when the “One Chicago” crossover event will begin. Chicago Med and Chicago Fire will be participating on Tuesday, January 5, and it will continue over to the Chicago P.D. time slot on Wednesday, January 6. With everything beginning from Herrmann being found stabbed and ending with Voight finding out his wife may have been murdered, the suspense will keep fans on the edge of their seats. Dick Wolf is a brilliant man and has managed to keep his Chicago shows running on NBC for quite some time. Right now, there is no word on whether or not Chicago Med has been renewed, but Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. will both return next fall for new seasons.

[Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]