Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Over? New Reports Claim Gwen Is Furious Over His Texts To Miranda Lambert

Things may not be going as smooth as they appear for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Although The Voice stars have expressed their new love in a variety of different ways in the past few months, Shelton’s former wife may be trying to nudge her way back into Shelton’s life.

According to In Touch Weekly, Stefani recently stumbled upon some text messages that Shelton had sent to Miranda Lambert. The incident occurred while filming for The Voice. Apparently, the nature of the messages left Stefani in tears and demanding for an explanation.

“Gwen saw it and lost it. She found Blake and asked to speak to him privately, but he said he couldn’t right then and there,” an inside source revealed. “She had tears running down her face and went and locked herself in her dressing room.”

The text messaging did not stop between Shelton and Lambert. In fact, following the back stage incident, Stefani found out that not only was Lambert texting her new boyfriend, but Shelton was texting her back.

“Gwen has seen texts between Blake and Miranda,” the insider stated. “She’s really a mess over this.”

This is not the first time the two have shared messages since their divorce. Shelton and Lambert also exchanged a series of texts during the County Music Association Awards last month. Once again, Shelton left his phone behind during the event and Stefani noticed a series of texts from Lambert.

“Miranda was trying to get Blake to go and see her and her friends at an after-party,” the source explained. “[Lambert asked] if they could sit by each other at the CMA Awards. But he declined and asked her to stop texting him.”

Although the specifics are not clear, it seems as though Blake Shelton is just being courteous to his ex-wife by texting her back. However, based on the reports, it does not appear as if Stefani is reacting to the situation very well, whatever Shelton’s reasons for texting Lambert may be.

As fans will recall, Shelton and Lambert revealed their plans to divorce this past summer, while Stefani and her ex-husband, Gavin Rosedale did the same only a few weeks later.

Despite these incidents with Lambert, Shelton does not have any plans to return to his former love. If anything, his relationship with Stefani is only getting stronger. In fact, the two singers recently showed how much they love each other in a video Stefani posted to Twitter.

In the video clip, Shelton and Stefani are wearing camouflage hats and jackets, while Shelton lays down a series of kisses of Stefani’s cheek. “Merry Christmas,” Stefani wrote alongside the post.

Public displays of affection aside, People magazine is reporting that the relationship between Stefani and Shelton is now starting to get serious. Along with introducing their parents to each other, Shelton has also received the approval from all three of Stefani’s children, including Kingston (9), Zuma (7), and Apollo (22 months).

“Blake loves kids and has been having a lot of fun when he spends time with Gwen’s kids,” a source explained to the outlet. “They adore him.”

In addition to making a good impression on Stefani’s kids, Shelton has already introduced his new love to his mom, Dorothy. The two met after Shelton invited Stefani to his residence in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

For her part, Stefani introduced Shelton to her father, Dennis, while the two were on a trip in L.A. It isn’t known how these meetings went and whether or not their parents approved of their new relationship. Based on their activity on social media, it’s probably safe to assume that all is well when it comes to their family.

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[Image via Gwen Stefani/Instagram]