Dale Guyer Of Anti-Aging Guyer Institute Says Charlie Sly Only Interned For 3 Months In 2013

Dr. Dale Guyer of The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine in Indianapolis is a man who is talked about quite a bit in the new and shocking documentary called The Dark Side. As reported by the Inquisitr, the documentary sought to expose many athletes who take steroids such as Delta-2, and examine how big names in sports reportedly went on to achieve great things via their use.

A man named Charlie Sly spoke in The Dark Side about working with Dr. Guyer, and claimed that Dale supplied folks like Ashley Manning, wife to football legend Peyton Manning, with various performance-enhancing drugs during the after hours sessions at Dr. Guyer’s anti-aging facility.

Experts in The Dark Side say it’s against the law to prescribe growth hormones for off-label uses, and that it’s not usual for growth hormones to be supplied by a man like Dr. Guyer via a clinic such as his. While Sly said in The Dark Side that he’s surprised Dr. Dale’s clinic hasn’t been shut down yet, Dr. Guyer is denying all the claims made in The Dark Side. Sly is recanting everything he said in The Dark Side, as well.

Growth hormones are legally prescribed for patients who have experienced some sort of growth deficiency as a child, or had part of their intestines removed due to cancer or other diseases. Or, if a person isn’t thriving because they have HIV, growth hormones are prescribed at times. But not legally for the uses talked about in The Dark Side. On the one hand, Guyer talks about Sly violating Ashley’s medical records, and then calls Sly a liar.

“I have no reason to believe these allegations are based in fact or have any truth. In fact, I can say with absolute certainty they are not. I find it extremely disturbing that the source of Al Jazeera’s story, a former unpaid intern named Charles Sly, would violate the privacy of Mrs. Manning’s medical records and be so callous and destructive as to purposely fabricate and spread stories that are simply not true.

“I would emphasize that Mr. Sly was never an employee of the Guyer Institute and his brief three-month internship occurred in 2013 during which time Peyton was not even being treated or present in the office. I think it is obvious that Mr. Sly has fabricated this whole thing for reasons I cannot fathom. I am proud to have treated Peyton and helped him through his rehabilitation. Mr. Manning is one of the most honorable and upstanding individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing.”

On Twitter, folks wondered about the accusations that Dr. Guyer might’ve prescribed HGH.

Other explosive claims reveal that Dustin Keller allegedly bought a bunch of steroids called Delta-2 were presented in The Dark Side. In the video, Keller reportedly saw his college friend put on a ton of strength and asked him “WTF did you do?” All through college, Keller used performance-enhancing drugs, alleges The Dark Side. He switched stuff up for the combine. When you do the NFL combine, the drug-testing routine changed, and The Dark Side alleges Keller stopped testosterone two weeks before the combine.


Delta-2 wasn’t detectable and was used since 2006. Keller didn’t reply, nor did Mike Tyson, who was also mentioned in The Dark Side.

“I used Adderall, then I moved to Dexedrine. I used anabolic steroids in high school.”

Peyton, and his wife, would come in after hours and get IVs, claimed Sly. He also talked about giving growth hormones to folks and sending them to Ashley Manning when the Manning’s were in Florida.

The Dark Side spoke of Liam Collins, the British hurdler and journalist, who was willing to cross to the dark side of sports and dope himself. Even though Liam was presented with a mix of legal and banned substances, he allegedly didn’t take them. Chad Robertson was spoken of in the documentary, with claims of doing 10 injections per day. Experts in the video used plenty of terms to explain complex drugs.

“So we’re going to definitely basically use hCG and Clomiphene to target those areas right away. I’m going to increase your growth hormone levels and IGF levels drastically through three ways: IGF-LR3, modified GRF 1-29 and Ipamorelin.”

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