‘Team Fortress 2’ Characters To Be Next ‘Hero Academy’ Team [Video]

“Team Fortress 2” fans will have another chance to play as their favorite cartoon mercenaries this August with the release of Robot Entertainments’ “Hero Academy.”

Characters from “Team Fortress 2” will be featured in the highly rated strategy game, but the game won’t be available on the iPhone or iPad unless gamers buy the Steam version, iOS journal Touch Arcade reported. The game will be released Aug. 8, and is being marketed as a cross-platform game, meaning any content purchased in the iOS version will be usable in Steam and vice versa, the report stated.

“Hero Academy,” described by Eurogamer.net as “compelling—downright addictive,” will allow players to unlock the “Team Fortress 2” characters. The game’s objective is to destroy the opposing player’s crystals, using the unique abilities and special powers of each of your squad’s players.

“Hero Academy” is not available in single-player mode, but players won’t have as much trouble finding opponents. Owners of the PC game will be able to compete against owners of the iOS version, with the game matching them up by skill level. The game does not need to be completed all at once either—the game freezes after each turn is completed, so players can leave or return to sessions at their leisure, Eurogamer.net reported.

Steam has not yet announced a price for “Hero Academy.”

“Team Fortress 2” is a turn-based game resembling chess. Developed by Ensemble Studios, designers of “Halo Wars” and “Age of Empires,” “Team Fortress 2: has earned high ratings from video game reviewers like IGN.

Video of the “Hero Academy” teaser featuring “Team Fortress 2” characters: