Bernie Sanders Takes On Donald Trump

When Bernie Sanders went on Meet The Press Sunday morning, the topic of Donald Trump came up. Bernie has mostly stayed out of the fray in the feud between Trump and Hillary Clinton, preferring to discuss more important topics like the minimum wage, climate change, and the shrinking middle class.

When Trump learned that Clinton will start using her husband and former president Bill Clinton on the campaign trail next year, Trump sent out a tweet calling him a sexist.

Bernie Sanders responded to the Donald Trump tweet jokingly.

“Well, I tell you what. We’re going to let my wife Jane out and I think Hillary is going to be in real, real trouble. But look, the real issues are not Donald Trump’s vulgarity, and he is vulgar. It is the fact that Donald Trump thinks we should not be raising the minimum wage. He believes wages in America are too high.”

In a tweet responding to this claim, the Donald called Bernie Sanders a liar.

However, a New York Times report from November supports Sanders’ assertion that Donald has said American wages are too high on several occasions.

“Our taxes are too high. Our wages are too high. We have to compete with other countries.”

During the Meet the Press interview, Sanders also touched on more pressing topics, such as climate change.

“I am in Burlington, Vermont right now. Nobody can recall a Christmas Even the likes of which we have seen where the temperature was 65 degrees. And what the scientists are telling us, if we don’t get our act together we’re going to be leaving a planet to our kids and grandchildren which is not going to be in good shape. And yet Donald Trump, among others, denies even the reality of climate change, let alone doing something about it.”

On CBS’ Face the Nation, Bernie Sanders also dished on Trump and how he believes he can win Trump supporters.

“Many of Trump’s supporters are working-class people and they’re angry because they’re working longer hours for lower wages. They’re angry because their jobs have left this country and gone to China or other low-wage countries…What Trump has done successfully, has taken that anger, taken that anxiety about terrorism…taken those fears, which are legitimate, and converted them into anger, against Mexicans, anger against Muslims. And in my view, that is not the way we’re going to address the major problems facing our country.”

He addressed the issue of Wall Street greed and the raising up the Middle Class by bringing jobs back to the United States and paying workers livable wages. On the issue of Social Security, Bernie Sanders and the Republican frontrunner do not have vast differences of opinions.

However, where Bernie Sanders wants to expand the program Trump has only offered make few, if any, changes. In fact, The Donald has said in the past that proposing cuts to Social Security during a presidential election cycle would be a death sentence to a candidate’s campaign.

On the issue of foreign policy, though, Bernie Sanders has gotten flack from opponents and the mainstream media for not seeming to be tough enough on terror. However, the Vermont senator made it clear fighting ISIS and Middle Eastern terrorism is a priority. But he reiterated during his interviews that the United States cannot fight terror alone.

“Saudi Arabia, Qatar are incredibly wealthy countries and they have got to start using some of their resources to help us destroy ISIS rather than, in the case of Saudi Arabia, fighting in Yemen, [or] in the case of Qatar, spending billions of dollars in preparations for the World Cup in 2022.”

Sanders also asserted his strong belief that ISIS must be destroyed, but it must be an international team effort, and not one in which the United States leads the charge.

During both television appearances, Bernie addressed his campaign against Hillary Clinton. He also stated that he will not resort to mudslinging or personal attacks, such as Donald Trump and other candidates.

“Do I have to wage horrible attacks against Hillary Clinton? I’m not going to do that. But what I will do is contrast our ideas and my record with Hillary Clinton. That’s what elections are about and that’s what people want to hear.”

After appearing on both programs, Bernie Sanders left to travel to campaign in Nevada, and then to Iowa, where he will help ring in the New Year.

[Photo: Joshua Lott/Getty]