Denver Bronco Demaryius Thomas Admits He’ll Have To Learn More Routes With Peyton Manning

Denver Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas admits now that they have future hall of famer Peyton Manning on the roster that the Denver receivers will have to start learning more of the playbook, according to Yahoo Sports.

The receiver most widely known for his Tim Tebow thrown 80-yard touchdown in overtime of last year’s playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers has recently spoken with an Atlanta radio station regarding his new quarterback. Thomas reveals in the interview that he will now have to “run the whole route tree” with Peyton Manning in town, as opposed to when he had the likes of Tebow and Orton in charge.

Thomas told 790 The Zone in Atlanta:

“To get to play with a future Hall of Famer, I knew I had to step my game up and get in my book more, run routes more, because I never really ran routes much. So I thought it was gonna be a challenge, and it has been so far. But it’s been good, too.”

“You’re gonna have to run the whole route tree now. The comebacks, the slants, the posts, the ins. And I didn’t have to do that much when I was my first couple of years in the league.”

I find it rather odd that after two years in the league that Thomas says he never really had to run routes much, but hopefully with the addition of Manning he’ll be able to expand his game even further, leading to an incredible 2012 season for the young wide receiver.

What do you think about Demaryius Thomas’ comments regarding the need to learn more routes in Denver’s playbook?