WWE Rumors: Bray Wyatt Teasing Big Things For 'Royal Rumble' 2016

Bray Wyatt and all members of The Wyatt Family have been on a hot streak over the past few weeks. They have been able to best Team ECW in some of their signature matches and show that they are, indeed, a dominant force in WWE. Now, there are rumors that there is much more to come as Bray Wyatt is teasing big things on the way for the 2016 Royal Rumble.

At the 2015 Royal Rumble, Wyatt had an overly impressive showing as he entered the big match at No. 5 and lasted for 47 minutes and 29 seconds. Everyone expected big things from him as he eliminated Bubba Ray Dudley, Luke Harper, a few others, and even Daniel Bryan.

Later in the match, Big Show and Kane, who were both members of The Authority at the time, eliminated Wyatt from the match. Many thought that showing was his next step to doing big things in WWE, but then he's been in mid-card limbo for most of the rest of the year.

Wyatt had a failed feud with The Undertaker, and then The Wyatt Family split up. There was a nothing feud with Ryback thrown in there, and then the family reunited and failed against the Brothers of Destruction. Now, they've been doing much better and Daily DDT says big things are coming from the new faces of fear.

While these are strong words, it's the hashtag that brings about the most attention. The hashtag #DownWithTheMachine leads one to believe that they could be going after The Authority, but there really isn't much of a regime to take down.

Well, that is unless you include the loose association that The Authority has with the League Of Nations. Sure, Sheamus doesn't have the WWE Title anymore, but it's still a strong stable, also including King Barrett, Rusev, and United States champion Alberto Del Rio.

wwe rumors league of nations new member
[Image via WWE]If The Wyatt Family decides to go against the League of Nations/The Authority, then that would automatically give them a bit of a babyface turn. The Wyatts already get some cheers from the crowd, and going against Triple H and company would make them even louder.

WWE.com has revealed their preview for tomorrow's Monday Night RAW, and don't really have anything mentioning the Wyatts at all. Last week, the preview stated that something new was coming and that a new feud was on the way.

Still, not much of anything happened out of the ordinary.

the wyatt family the authority wwe rumors
[Image via WWE]Bray Wyatt's message on Twitter could mean a number of things are to come from his brothers, and it could bring some titles their way. Possible ways to "take everything" include the following.
  • Bray Wyatt wins the rumble match to get the main event spot at WrestleMania 32
  • Two of the Wyatts take the WWE Tag Titles from The New Day
  • Another Wyatt takes the U.S. Title from Alberto Del Rio
A few weeks ago on RAW, the four main stables collided at the beginning of the show as Team ECW faced off with The Wyatt Family, the League of Nations, and The Family. Now, Team ECW has been beaten by the Wyatts and the Family are all off doing their own thing.

Some feel that Bray Wyatt's time is coming, and he will soon be a major part of the main event scene. He could get into a feud for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at some point this year, and rumor even has it that the whole Wyatt Family will feud with Brock Lesnar sometime in 2016.

Whatever may happen, there are still a few weeks until WWE brings about the 2016 Royal Rumble, and that's plenty of time to set up something big. A lot more should be known after Monday Night RAW as Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family will likely start their reign of terror then.

[Image via WWE]