Brenda Bratschi, Randy Bratschi: Oxygen’s ‘Snapped’ Profiles Murder Of Missing South Carolina Man Whose Wife Buried Him Under Trailer

Brenda Bratschi, the Florence County, South Carolina, woman who murdered her husband, Randy Bratschi, then buried his dead body under their trailer, is the focus of a new episode of Snapped on the Oxygen Channel. Last week, the Inquisitr reported on a recent Snapped episode, involving the Cheryl Kunkle, Ben Amato murder case. In tonight’s all new Snapped, viewers will hear from journalists, friends, and family members of Randy Bratschi. For his death, Brenda Bratschi was sentenced to life in prison.

Randy Bratschi’s case made local headline news back in 2009, after his body was discovered under a trailer. The body was found by a work crew who had arrived at the property to get rid of an old trailer for the new owner. As the workers tried to drag the trailer, it became hooked on what they thought was an object. Upon closer inspection, they realized that a human skull had rolled out from under a blue-colored tarp. Police officers were immediately dispatched. When they arrived, they were sure the human remains belonged to Randy Delyn Bratschi, a man who had suddenly vanished five years prior. A forensic analysis later confirmed his identity.

Law enforcement officials noted that the Florence County man had made a domestic violence complaint against his wife years earlier. Randy Bratschi was last seen on November 26, 2004, just after leaving work. He had plans to go turkey shooting that weekend, and when he wasn’t at home, and no one could make contact with him by phone. His wife, Brenda, filed a missing person report. From there, the case went cold. Here is how a court document found at Judicial.State describes the activities during and after his disappearance.

“When his friends arrived at his home to pick him up, he did not answer the door. Randy’s Isuzu Rodeo was there; however, Randy’s truck and boat were not. 4 Randy’s dog was inside the trailer. A makeshift alarm system Randy set up after the incident with Brenda was not set. The following day, Randy did not come to Russell’s house for oysters like they had planned. Randy was scheduled to work special shifts on Saturday and Sunday but did not report to work. Brenda and Susan both called Russell’s home looking for Randy that weekend. Russell contacted the police on Sunday about Randy. Brenda also contacted police to report him missing. The police searched Randy’s property and trailer. They found Randy’s blood glucose meter at the home, which was last used on Thanksgiving at 5:47 p.m., before he went to work. They did not find anything under his trailer. The police used cadaver dogs, which did not discover anything.”

Family and friends of Randy Bratschi say that Randy and his wife, Brenda, seemed like a good couple. She was a rugged, tomboy type, and Randy was the type of man who loved to drink beer and deer hunt. But at some point the marriage soured and domestic violence became prevalent in the marriage. Court records show that it all came to a head in late 2004 when Brenda and Randy Bratschi both called 911, accusing the other of violence. And when police visited Randy at the hospital and noted his injuries, it was obvious that he was the true victim. They also noted that Randy was so afraid of Brenda that he filed a restraining order against her. Then, he began dating another woman.

After Bratschi’s body was found, Brenda Bratschi was arrested and charged in his death. They believed that Randy was ambushed sometime after he arrived home in late 2004. Police also believed Brenda Bratschi’s son had some involvement in her death. At trial, he refused to testify against his mother.

To see just how police unraveled the case, watch tonight at 9 p.m./8 p.m. central on the Oxygen channel. According to SCNow, producers for Snapped came to Coward, where they shot scenes around town for almost a week. Before tonight’s episode, take a look at these Snapped articles about Kristi Fulgham and Carmen Montelongo.

[Image via South Carolina Department of Corrections]