Luke Hemmings And His Girlfriend, Arzaylea, Respond To Controversial 5SOS ‘Rolling Stone’ Interview

Luke Hemmings confirmed that he and Arzaylea are a couple in the controversial Rolling Stone interview that ruined the Christmas holiday for so many 5 Seconds of Summer fans. Arzaylea might be relieved that she no longer has to hide her relationship with Luke, but she’s not happy about the way she is portrayed in the Rolling Stone piece – it paints her as a spoiled trust fund kid who spends all day on social media. Meanwhile, Luke just wants fans to forget about the interview and focus on the music.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Luke Hemmings’ comments about having sex with groupies were what bothered 5 Seconds of Summer fans the most about the Rolling Stone interview. Luke seemingly took pride in telling the music magazine that he had slept with numerous fans, and he even revealed that he had sex with multiple girls at once. The 5SOS fandom responded to his comments by accusing him of objectifying women.

However, this wasn’t the only segment of the Rolling Stone feature that distressed Luke Hemmings’ female admirers – they were also disappointed that the magazine confirmed Luke and Arzaylea’s relationship.

Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend makes her first appearance in the Rolling Stone feature while 5 Seconds of Summer is eating dinner before heading to a Good Charlotte concert. She holds Luke’s free hand while he eats and keeps rubbing his leg, and she later climbs in Luke Hemmings’ lap and makes out with him in the VIP area at the concert.

Luke Hemmings revealed that he and Arazylea met three months ago at a party and that he instantly fell for her when he found out that she was also a fan of The Maine’s music. Luke said that he attempted to hide their relationship at first, but he’s since given up on trying to make fans think that he’s unattached.

“It’s hard,” Hemmings said. “One of the weird things is you want it to be a secret, but you don’t want it to be a secret.”

During an October interview with KIIS 1065 Sydney radio hosts Hughesy And Kate, Ashton Irwin claimed that no members of 5SOS were involved in serious relationships. However, he did admit that they were casually dating.

Many 5 Seconds of Summer fans are not overly fond of Arzaylea because they believe that she leaked personal photos of Luke Hemmings on Twitter. According to Hollywood Take, fans think that she DM’d pictures of Luke to 5SOS fans because she was trying to get attention and “flaunt her relationship” with the singer. In other words, they think that she simply wanted to get a rise out of them.

During the Rolling Stone interview, Arzaylea allegedly revealed that she went to beauty school, but now she’s a self-described “internet influencer.”

“I just post pictures. It’s really easy,” she told the magazine.

Rolling Stone claims that Arzaylea once said that she has a trust fund to fall back on, so she’s not worried about her lack of schooling and a full-time job. However, Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend recently accused Rolling Stone of completely fabricating her comments.

“Why is everyone a liar and why does everyone believe everything they read,” Arzaylea tweeted. “Okay I never had that conversation with said person who claimed they interviewed me and I shouldn’t of [sic] even been in that.”

She went on to claim that she doesn’t have a trust fund, never gave herself a job title, and doesn’t just “play on the internet” all day. She also suggested that other segments of the Rolling Stone interview were fabricated.

“So just imagine if someone made up scenarios that never happened with me…that they can do that with others also.”

Many 5 Seconds of Summer fans already believe that Luke Hemmings’ comments about having sex with groupies aren’t real because he hasn’t confirmed that they are, and perhaps Arzaylea actually earned the respect of these 5SOS interview truthers by claiming that at least part of the Rolling Stone feature was untrue. It’s possible she also doesn’t want to believe that Luke bragged about having sex with multiple girls at the same time.

“The possibilities are endless,” Luke Hemmings reportedly said while grinning devilishly and talking about his very active sex life.

According to 5SOS fans on Twitter, Luke Hemmings finally responded to the interview with a tweet that he has since deleted, and he didn’t try to deny that he spoke the words that were quoted in the Rolling Stone feature.

Luke hemmings deleted tweet

— Stevie Hastings (@hidethesausage) December 26, 2015

What do you think of Luke Hemmings’ deleted response to the Rolling Stone interview? And do you believe his girlfriend when she says that portions of the feature were fabricated?

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