Man’s Before-And-After ‘Skinny’ To ‘Fat’ Photo Gets 137,000 Views In 6 Hours — Michael Stanley Goes Viral

There is a photo from Michael Stanley that is going viral on Saturday, December 26. The photo is gaining steam, likely because of the shocking, ironic, and unexpected results of the before-and-after photo. As seen in the below photo and description from Imgur, Stanley claims it was five years ago when he was a skinny and unhappy person. Five years later, Michael wrote that he might be “fat,” but he’s also happy.


It’s a before-and-after photo that flips weight loss photos on their head. Normally, such a photo would feature a guy like Stanley showing himself overweight in the “before” photo, and a svelte, muscled, and lean guy in the “after” photo.

Five years ago I was sad and skinny, now I am happy and fat. All it took was lots of hard work and dedication.

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On Imgur, the views of the photo are growing with every refresh. The photo quickly gained 10,000 views within minutes. Writing under the name “GoodGuyStanley” on Imgur, on Saturday, December 26, Michael answered those folks who are asking him tongue-in-cheek questions about his diet tips.

“For those asking how I did it, the answer: Working at a new pizza place that messed up orders often and always gave them to their employees.”

The same photo, posted to Instagram on the account of Stanley seven weeks ago, didn’t get nearly as much attention as the photo when it was posted to Imgur. On Instagram, as of this writing, there are just over 300 likes for the photo by the time that seven-week period had elapsed.

On Imgur, Stanley is receiving all sorts of reactions to his viral photo, with some readers commenting that they love the “dad bod” look.

Another jokes that Michael has “sick gains, bro,” a term usually reserved for body builders when they are able to put on quite a bit of muscle from ingesting protein and performing strength training.

Others comment that Stanley’s last five years look delicious, in thinking of all the delicious food Michael consumed to get his “after” look. On Instagram, Michael throws hashtags like #GirlsWhoLift on their head with his own “BoysWhoEat hashtag.

mp_stanley: 5 years ago I was sad and skinny, now I am happy and fat. All it took was lots of hard work and dedication.#boyswhoeat#transformationtuesday#dadbod

Stanley also uses the “transformation Tuesday” hashtag, which usually features folks who’ve lost weight, to show off his weight gain. Michael updates his photo to include the request that others send embarrassing photos of themselves to Stanley so that he can laugh as well — and they don’t have to be shirtless, half-naked photos, writes Michael.

When SugarPotPie let Michael know that her preference was for guys like Stanley, he had a quite flirty response.

“I like fluffy, smiley guys better anyways OP [original poster, Michael].”

Not long after that proclamation of her preference for “fluffy, smiley guys,” the user received a response from GoodGuyStanley that offered to continue their conversation to the private message area on the photo-sharing website.

“Would you like to accompany me to the PMs [private messages]?”

In the day and age where before-and-after weight loss photos usually feature the reverse of what is shown — usually with a slimmed-down, muscle-bound photo as the after photo — Michael’s photo is likely going viral as a refreshing post-Christmas confession, when plenty of people might be feeling a little “fluffy” themselves.


[Image via Instagram/Michael Stanley]