Is Gwen Stefani Changing Her Look For Blake Shelton? He Loves Her Without Makeup, Gavin Rossdale Always Wanted Her To Wear It

Gwen Stefani is known for being a trendsetter with a funky sense of style, and she's obviously a huge makeup fan – Gwen often breaks the "less is more" rule by rocking a dramatic smoky eye and a bright lip. However, the "Hollaback Girl" singer might be overhauling her closet and her makeup stash so that her look better suits Blake Shelton's tastes.

Gwen Stefani is rarely seen without makeup on, but Blake Shelton is making her feel so confident about herself that she's wearing less and less of it these days. A source told Hollywood Life that Blake thinks Gwen is the "most beautiful woman on the planet," and he's allegedly doing such a good job of convincing his girlfriend that he really feels this way that Gwen Stefani is starting to feel like it's no longer necessary to enhance her everyday look with bright lipstick, eyeliner, and heavy foundation.

"Blake is definitely the reason Gwen is feeling confident enough to go without makeup these days," the source told Hollywood Life. "The guy is an old school gentleman and makes sure Gwen knows he thinks she's the most beautiful woman on the planet. He lavishes her with compliments, gifts, and affection — even in public."

Gwen Stefani does appear to be wearing a little less makeup than usual in the very affectionate holiday video below.

Gwen Stefani is seemingly following the lead of Blake Shelton's ex, Miranda Lambert, by embracing a more natural look. Back when Miranda and Blake were still together, the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" singer revealed that her husband was used to seeing her with no makeup on because she never wore it when she was relaxing at home with him. However, Gwen Stefani's ex, rocker Gavin Rossdale, rarely ever saw his wife without a full face of makeup. During a 2012 interview with Harper's Bazaar, Gwen revealed that Gavin definitely was not a fan of the natural look.

"I like to make my husband like me more, and he likes it when I'm wearing makeup," Gwen Stefani said. She also admitted that she loves dressing up, which should be fairly obvious to anyone who has seen the outrageous outfits that she wears on The Voice.

Blake Shelton's ex had a very different take on fashion, and the glam look definitely didn't suit the lifestyle that they led when they resided together in the woods of Oklahoma.

"We love to ride four wheelers, go for walks," Miranda Lambert said, according to People. She revealed that one of her favorite everyday outfits was a pair of Dickies overalls.

Gwen Stefani hasn't been spotted wearing Dickies just yet, but dating a country music star is having a major effect on what she wears and where she shops. According to Us Weekly, Gwen Stefani visited Blake Shelton's Oklahoma ranch during the holidays, and a fan photographed Gwen rocking a totally new look the day before Christmas Eve. Gwen and Blake were shopping at the Atwoods Ranch and Home store in Madill, Oklahoma, when they agreed to pose for the fan's picture, and the store later tweeted the same photo of the happy, relaxed-looking couple hanging out in the parking lot.

As you can see, Gwen Stefani is rocking a camouflage shirt, a matching camo hat, a forest green coat, cowboy boots, and jeans. It also looks like the singer is wearing very little makeup. ET Online reports that Gwen Stefani went shopping at the Country General Store in Van Nuys, California, before she and Blake left for Oklahoma, so this might be where she got her cowboy boots. Gwen also bought a few pairs of jeans and a few western shirts.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert used to shop at Atwoods when they were together, so it looks like Gwen Stefani is filling the role of Blake's ex rather nicely.

Even though Gwen is starting to dress more like a country girl, there's no word on whether she and Blake have gone on any country dates yet. During a 2011 interview with Redbook, Miranda Lambert revealed that her date nights with Blake usually ended with something dying.
"We hunt, we fish. But one surprising thing we realized the other day is we've never, ever been to the movies together. Ever."
Do you think Gwen Stefani will ever put her new camouflage wardrobe to use by going hunting with Blake Shelton?

[Photo by Richard Chapin Downs Jr./Getty Images for Global Citizen]