New PlayStation 4 Users Encounter ‘Email Verification Error’ On Christmas Day — Issue Still Not Fixed

The excitement of receiving a PlayStation 4 on Christmas day has now turned into frustration as many users cannot access their consoles due to an email verification error. Now, as PlayStation owners enter Boxing day, there seems to be no real fix in place as the error continues.

UPDATE: On December 27, PlayStation announced via Twitter that this error has now been resolved:

At first it was unclear as to why new PlayStation 4 owners were not receiving their new account verification via email. However, the Mirror reported that PlayStation eventually released a statement that the problem was with “new account validation and password reset emails.” This led to great delays in new customers being able to set up their PlayStation account for their console.

New PlayStation 4 users encounter verification error on Christmas day

The email verification error occurs when first time users try to set up their PlayStation Network account for their PlayStation 4. In order to game, as well as cruise the PlayStation store and join PlayStation Plus (which is essential for online gaming), users must have this network account set up. Usually, when an email verification of this account set up is sent, it arrives fairly quickly via email. However, over the Christmas period, delays of many hours have become the new norm, making the normal functions of their PlayStation 4 basically redundant.

For first time PlayStation owners, the frustration is mounting as the email delays are now running into hours and PlayStation has still not fixed the error. Their latest post on their Ask PlayStation Twitter account follows their earlier ones.

While many new Playstation 4 owners are complaining of delays of up to four hours for verification emails to be sent, some users have been waiting almost a day for their emails to be sent.

According to Kotaku, the email verification error is likely caused by a “Christmas logjam of new users” as new PlayStation users rushed to join up and play their favorite games via the network. GearNuke points out this is not the first time PlayStation users had have this sort of issue at holiday time when an influx of new consoles are purchased and set up at the same time. However, considering the size and longevity of Sony, it is a surprise this sort of issue is still prevalent with the company.

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Hopefully this error will be resolved before Sony releases its anticipated January free list for PlayStation Plus members. Gamers who are PlayStation Plus members are able to access certain games for free every month on the PlayStation network. According to the Vine Report, the December list included “Gauntlet: Slayer Edition” and “King’s Quest — Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember” for the PS4, “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” and “SSX” for the PS3, and “Freedom Wars” and “Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken” for PS Vita.

Normally these free games are announced two weeks prior to the new month, meaning January’s list should have been released around December 18. However, Fred Dutton, the PlayStation community manager, took to Twitter to tell inquiring fans that the January list will most likely be up next week, making that sometime in the week starting Monday, December 28.

So for brand new PlayStation users, it could be a double blow if they received their PlayStation 4 for Christmas and were planning to access the January list of free games a little early via their PlayStation Plus membership.

The Inquisitr will keep you informed as to when the email verification error has been resolved so make sure you keep checking back on for more information as it arrives.

Did you receive a PlayStation 4 for Christmas and are experiencing email verification delays? Let us know how long you had to wait for your verification email by commenting below.

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