WWE News: John Cena Claims He Won’t Leave WWE, Has A Good Understanding With Vince McMahon

WWE Superstar John Cena has had one heck of a 2015. Not only has he managed to stay off the injury list, which is not easy with WWE, but he has also appeared in three movies. He also filmed a television show that will premier on FOX in the Spring of 2016. That doesn’t even count the hosting duties he has had with The Today Show. Due to his impressive ability as an actor, he might continue to get more roles from Hollywood.

This leads many to wondering if Cena will ever leave WWE like The Rock did when Hollywood came calling for him around a decade ago. Rock did just as Cena did in that he worked for WWE quite often and then went into a part-time schedule with the company while he was working on films. Eventually, the schedule just got too extreme for Rock and he parted ways from WWE and went fully into the movie world.

It worked out well for him, and now The Rock is seen as the top star in Hollywood. Cena could be in that same world, so would he ever leave WWE completely?

According to Cena, that is not likely. The New York Times did an article on people from WWE doing well in Hollywood. Cena spoke with them about his acting career, telling them that his first few roles weren’t exactly the kind of acting roles he felt great in.

“Doing action wasn’t a real good fit for me because it’s the opposite of how I work. It was extremely choreographed and extremely scripted.”

Cena Amy [Image via Universal Pictures]He also mentioned that he and WWE have come to terms on his time away, telling the Times the following.

“I have a very good mutual understanding with my boss that I don’t ever want to leave; I really like it in the ring. I try to pick opportunities that don’t take me away from WWE for too long. I try to do opportunities that can really help expand our audience and bring new eyes to our product.”

The fact that Cena wants to stick around simply because he loves the company is nice to see. Many fans can respect John Cena for this. He said long ago that he would never do as The Rock did, but now that he is getting similar opportunities, it might be tough to live up to that. Rock probably realized that the moment Cena saw the same things, he would make similar decisions. The difference between Cena and Rock is that Cena would be leaving the ring at a time that makes sense.

Cena is in the latter part of his career and has spent around 13 years with WWE. Rock left WWE in his early 30’s, while Cena would leave near 40 years of age. Cena has done enough to retire and say he has literally accomplished everything he needed to do. Cena’s career is already Hall of Fame worthy, and he has already cemented himself along the likes of Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H, and others.

Cena US Title [Image via WWE]If there was a Mount Rushmore of wrestlers, Cena may very well end up within the four men picked.

He has been on top longer than anyone, even Hogan and Bruno Sammartino. He never had a World Title reign as long as theirs, however.

Plus, it makes sense for John Cena to want to have an easier time in life. He has spent so much time hurting his body, it makes sense to think that doing something that would avoid damaging his body would be ideal. WWE Hall of Famer Edge spoke with the Times as well, where he spoke of the perks of acting versus performing in the ring.

“I’m still laughing at the end of a 14-hour day. Before, at the end of a 14-hour day, I’m driving to the next town after having just fallen off a ladder. Now I get to go back to a trailer where there’s a meal waiting for me? Yeah, I can handle that.”

At the end of the day, John Cena is nice to think of WWE and its fans. However, he has nothing left to prove to anyone. So he could leave and no fan would be mad at him for it. While many do not want to see him go, the fact that he stayed around as long as he did is already commendable. If he can only do a part-time schedule for the next ten years or so, that would be fine. If he left for good however, few fans would call him a quitter.

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