Reports Of Shots Fired At Disney Springs In Walt Disney World — Authorities Responding [Breaking]

There are conflicting reports coming out of Walt Disney World right now of possible shots fired at Disney Springs. Police are reporting to the shopping and dining area on Disney property this evening, and there are some already saying that it is not a shooting, but actually an altercation of some kind.

According to WESH, there was no shooting and the incident happened on Buena Vista Drive. Currently, more information is being gathered, as many people began evacuating the Disney Springs shopping area.

UPDATE – 10:21 p.m. ET: Orange County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed there were no shots fired, but reports did come in after people thought they heard them.

Numerous reports have been coming out on Twitter and other forms of social media that said the stores in Disney Springs were on lockdown. Many people began running out of the shopping and dining area to get to their vehicles and get out of the area.

Many are now stating that the reports of “shots fired” are due to what may have been smashed glass and a bar fight at House of Blues. The altercation spread and got a bit larger, and was was broken up, but Orange County Sheriff’s Office is still stating and confirming that no shots were fired.

CBS 12 reported that guests were fleeing from the area in Disney Springs with many screaming “shots fired” and some even saying “bomb,” but those reports were not confirmed.

As of now, Orange County Sheriff’s Office is reporting and on the scene. They are investigating what they are calling an “incident” at Disney Springs, and that there were no shots fired, despite the online reports.

With more reports coming out, it appears more and more that the “incident” is a fight which happened in one of the Disney Springs’ dining locations.


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After about 45-60 minutes, the lockdown was still in place for those who had not left the Disney Springs area. People began going back to what they were doing such as eating and shopping, but a huge police presence is in the entire Disney Springs area as of 10:30 p.m. ET.

Once again, the reports of shots being fired at Disney Springs did come in via 911 calls, social media reports, and word of mouth, but they proved to be untrue. The reports of “shots fired” did not have any truth to them as it was apparently a fight that broke out in one of the dining locations.

Reports on social media are now stating that an older gentleman at the Bongo’s restaurant near AMC 24 Theaters got into a verbal altercation with a waiter. Glass was broken and there was some pushing and shoving, but no shots fired.

The OCSO has brought things under control at Disney Springs, and there were no shots fired as many social media and civilian reports first said.

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