4 Year Old Bids $24,000 For A Real Train In Online Auction, Mother Freaks Out

A New Zealand mother was sent scrambling for the phone when her four year-old son submitted a $24,000 bid for a real train being sold in an online auction, reports MSN.

The online auction being hosted on the site Trade Me had yet to receive a bid on the full size electric 2 car train when the offer came in. However, shortly after user “smiley134” submitted the bid, they received a request to remove the $24,000 mistake.

”I’m really sorry, my 4-year-old was playing and placed a bid, I don’t actually want to buy the train, can my bid please be removed?” the mother asked the company.

Obviously disappointed after being informed they would not be selling the train, Metlink, the company selling the train, was gracious enough to allow “smiley134” to withdraw the offer.

”For a moment I thought I was falling in love with you smiley! But then you blew it all,” replied customer service representative Zelda MacKenzie.

She went on to say how impressed she was with the toddler’s ability to have the intelligence to submit a bid as you actually have to confirm three separate times that you would like to submit the offer.

”The child has to be exceptionally bright if they can read all that,” Ms MacKenzie said.

According to The Dominion Post, the company hopes that the fully operational train will be purchased by a museum to be put on display showing the progression of the train system in that area, however they are open to anyone that would like to purchase the large unit.

Do you think the child was actually the one to submit the bid? Or was it an immediate buyer’s remorse for the New Zealand woman?