Taylor Swift Blesses Selena Gomez And Niall Horan’s New Relationship

Selena Gomez and Niall Horan are good for each, Taylor Swift reportedly feels.

That’s the latest word from a source close to Taylor Swift on the budding relationship between Gomez and Niall, Hollywood Life reported this week. According to the source, Swift is happy that Gomez is finally moving past ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

“Taylor has been not always up on Selena’s romances, but she has seen a change in her ever since Niall came into the picture and Taylor believes she is finally getting over Justin. She sees quite a lot of progress and is loving every minute of it. She is loving the new Selena.”

Prior to sparking a relationship with Niall Horan, Selena and Justin seemed to be rekindling their flame. A video captured by a Bieber fan showed Gomez and Bieber slow-dancing while Justin serenaded his former flame at a hotel bar last month. The former couple looked cozy, starting a buzz that Bieber and his former lover were back together again.

This week, however, Selena seems to have moved on to Niall Horan despite reports she was stuck in a love triangle with mixed feelings remaining for Justin Bieber, the Inquisitr reported. Horan had consoled Gomez after news leaked that Justin Bieber had hooked up with Kourtney Kardashian.

Another source confirmed that Taylor Swift had nothing but love for Horan.

“Taylor has nothing but respect for Niall and thinks he’s totally boyfriend material. She’s so happy that Selena is giving him a chance and she has big hopes that this could be a long-term thing for them. Taylor is so happy and in love with Calvin Harris, she wants the same thing for her best friend.”

Taylor Swift had already commented on a potential Selena and Justin relationship, hoping that Gomez would use her reunion with Bieber as “a learning experience,” the Inquisitr reported.

“Taylor learned about relationships the hard way: by going through bad ones, and now she is happy with Calvin.”

Swift had previously given Selena Gomez advice about turning her mistakes into positives. The two singers trade advice on boys and each other’s career, Gomez said in an interview with a U.K. magazine.

Swift and Selena have been friends for quite some time, evidenced by their continuous appearances in each other’s works. Recently, Gomez took part in filming “Bad Blood” with Taylor, a music video that helped Swift earn four awards at the MTV Video Music Awards this year. Swift honored Gomez and other individuals in the video with a replica Moonman award.

Now that Taylor has finished her 1989 tour dates in North America and beyond, Swift and boyfriend Calvin Harris may have a chance to host a double date with Niall Horan and Selena Gomez.

Like Swift, Selena has free time thanks to dropping her recent album, Revival, and a few hit songs in October. “Me & The Rhythm” was one of several songs Gomez dropped prior to her album’s release. The cover art for Revival sparked some controversy as Selena stripped down to combat fat-shaming.

Niall Horan is also free, too. The One Direction singer has extra time now that Horan and his fellow band members are taking an extended hiatus, although fans are hoping for one more collaboration between One Direction and the all-female band Fifth Harmony.

With the hiatus, Niall Horan could work on a solo album. A duet with Selena would certainly boost sales.

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[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]