Archaeologists Discover 800-Year-Old ‘Mobile Cell Phone' In Austria, According to Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

The out-of-place artifacts (OOPArt) conspiracy theory blogosphere is abuzz with excitement over an alleged discovery of a mysterious out-of-place artifact -- an 800-year-old mobile cell phone -- in Austria.

According to the bizarre story being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere, archaeologists excavating a site in Fuschl am See, a municipality in the Austrian district of Salzburg-Umgebung in the state of Salzburg, found an object in ruins dating back to the 13th century which bears a striking resemblance to a modern wireless cell phone device (see YouTube video below).

But skeptics have pooh-poohed the latest bizarre claim of an archaeological out-of-place artifact as yet another hoax.

The alleged out-of-place artifact bears an uncanny resemblance to a mobile phone. It is a black object shaped like a mobile phone, and appears to have keypad letters similar to ancient Sumerian cuneiform, according to out-of-place artifact and UFO expert Daniel Munoz.

But skeptics have dismissed the claim, wondering how an object with ancient cuneiform script ended up in Austria. But out-of-place artifacts conspiracy theorists have responded to critics, arguing that discovery in Austria of an "ancient" artifact bearing Sumerian script was not extraordinary. Conspiracy theorists cited as example the Fuente Magna Bowl found in South America, which has inscriptions believed to be cuneiform carved on it.

According to historians, in ancient times, trade helped to disseminate artifacts across the globe.

Cuneiform is an ancient system of writing that emerged in the ancient Mesopotamian (modern Iraq and Iran) civilization of Sumer about 3000 BCE.

Out-of-place artifact expert Daniel Munoz reportedly confirmed that the strange object dates back to the 13th century, 800 years ago. Although Munoz admitted that the object bears a remarkable similarity to a modern-day mobile phone, he refused to admit that it was actually a cell phone.

800-Year-Old Mobile Phone, According To Conspiracy Theorists
This Is An 800-Year-Old Mobile Phone, According To Conspiracy Theorists [Image via YouTube Screengrab]The "ancient mobile phone" has nine keys, and even some dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorists have admitted that it could be a hoax. But to avoid conceding that it is a hoax, some conspiracy theorists have suggested that the "ancient mobile phone" was probably created by a time traveler who saw the object in modern times and returned to the past to recreate it.

Others suggested it was created by an ancient person who saw technologically advanced alien visitors carrying mobile phones.

And in response to skeptics who asked why the mainstream media is not talking about the earth-shaking discovery, conspiracy theorists claim that the mainstream media are part of a government-sponsored conspiracy to cover up evidence of out-of-place artifacts that demonstrate the need for a radical revision of our understanding of the history of the world.

The out-of-place conspiracy theory blogosphere is infamous for its wild hoaxes. OOPArt enthusiasts are always on the lookout for alleged archaeological artifacts that challenge mainstream history chronology, and hoaxers are happy to prey on the gullibility of enthusiasts.

But conspiracy theorists claim that there have been numerous discoveries of authentic out-of-place archaeological artifacts that challenge mainstream history, but archaeologists cover up such discoveries because they contradict their preconceived notions about the levels of technological development achieved by ancient civilizations.

"While there are numerous discoveries which have been made on our planet that question mainstream history, most of them are [ignored]... by selective media and mainstream scholars who cannot understand and explain their origin which contradict popular beliefs about the past of human civilizations."
According to conspiracy theorists, out-of-place artifacts provide proof of highly advanced prehistoric civilizations. OOPArt conspiracy theorists claim that technologically advanced civilizations had flourished on Earth millions of years before the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Sumer.
The term out-of-place artifact was coined by Ivan T. Sanderson, an American cryptozoologist who was interested in archaeological artifacts and fossils that appear "anachronistic" and challenge the assumptions of mainstream historians about the level of technological advancement of ancient cultures and civilizations.

Out-of-place artifacts are often promoted as evidence that advanced civilizations existed in prehistory.

The idea that out-of-place artifacts require radical revision of mainstream historical and paleontological chronology is rejected by mainstream scholars but it is popular among alien UFO enthusiasts, paranormal conspiracy theorists and young earth creationists.

[Image via Anders/Wikimedia/Public Domain]