Jon and Kate divorce rumors intensify

As reality TV fans speculate that the big announcement is “the Big D,” RadarOnline is reporting that Jon and Kate are indeed going to announce a divorce on Monday’s very special episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

According to the gossip blog’s source, the couple’s tentative July 15th separation date is quickly being moved up as the situation deteriorates. Who’d have thought having eight small children could wear on a marriage so?

Kate spent their tenth anniversary in North Carolina with the sextuplets, while Jon was spotted uptown in Manhattan today, sporting a diamond stud earring and smoking a cigarette. RadarOnline’s source indicates that Jon will file divorce papers next week and that Kate has been confirmed to be talking to divorce lawyers.

Jon has been accused of infidelity while some blame Kate’s incessant nagging for driving him into the arms of young co-eds. Us Weekly reported Jon’s alleged affair with a woman named Deanna Hummel, and Jon is also rumored to have been seeing the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon.