‘Downton Abbey’ Finale On Christmas Day, Will Lady Edith Get Her Happy Ending? [UPDATE]

The hours are counting down to the series finale of Downton Abbey on this Christmas Day. The top PBS drama of all time is wrapping up, and according to show creator Julian Fellowes, all questions will be answered. But, will fans be satisfied with the endings that Fellowes has to dish out?

According to the Inquisitr, the last episode of the official season left many feeling unsatisfied, especially with the fate of Lady Edith Crawley of Downton Abbey. Her sister Mary got her second happily ever after, but once again, Edith was stiffed, largely at the hands of her spiteful sister. The Christmas season finale has often been the place for Julian Fellowes to redeem himself for disappointments from the season, but this is his last chance with Downton Abbey. The U.K. viewing audience will have these questions answered tonight, but American viewers will have to wait for their Christmas finale to air in the spring.

The Irish Examiner is stressing that there are questions that desperately need answering from the creator of Downton Abbey. First, why can’t Lady Edith just be happy? The IE posited that Lady Edith is just Fellowes’ unlucky Downton Abbey character.

“Never one to be lucky in the romance department though, we’ve seen Edith jilted at the altar, had the love of her life killed off, and had the next one, Bertie Pelham, propose then leave upon discovering she had mothered a child out of wedlock (and omitted the truth).”

The IE also wonders about Thomas, the gay footman who has been lost for most of Downton Abbey. Will he find peace?

“Downton fans have seen Thomas the under-butler go through a lot in the past six series. He’s struggled with his sexuality, been pretty nasty to a lot of characters, before realising his underhand tactics had left him with zero friends, the threat of no job, and no where to turn. A suicide attempt at the end of the last series left everyone shocked and upset. The Christmas Special trailer shows him leaving Downton so we hope it’s for happier times.”

BBC News is reporting that Downton Abbey is in a Christmas Day battle with the Eastenders.

“Set on New Year’s Eve 1925, this year’s Christmas edition of Downton Abbey will be the fans’ last chance to spend time with Hugh Bonneville’s Lord Grantham and the rest of the residents.”

While Fellowes is wrapping up the story of the Crawley family, and those living downstairs, he is about to start an American tale called The Gilded Age, which will pick up in the 1920s, and tell the story of American aristocracy.

The Express UK says that Hugh Bonneville, aka Lord Grantham, choked up when he read the final script of Downton Abbey.

“When the script came through, I read it straight away, all the way through, and I just got hooked into it. It’s going to work so well and it’ll tie up all the loose ends. It’s two hours, which is a bit of a killer on Christmas night when you’re stuffed full of mince pies, but it’s worth it.”

Bonneville says that in becoming attached to his character, he read the script as if it were about his own family.

“All I can say is that when I read it, I choked up. I knew it was going to be the last episode I was ever going to read. Julian [Fellowes, Downton writer and creator] has this tremendous knack for being able to write great melodramatic moments that make you laugh out loud and also make you reach for hankies.”

Are you looking forward to the finale of Downton Abbey?

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