The Real Reason Harry Styles Is So Nice

How does Harry Styles do it? Though he has lived a fast-paced and stressful life this last five years, touring with the band and releasing an album every year, the curly-haired One Direction star is widely considered one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.

Harry’s group of friends reportedly includes philosopher Alain de Botton, Nick Grimshaw, carpool karaoke and Late Late Show Host James Corden and director Ben Winston, with whom Harry dined in London two days ago.


Is it any wonder rumors about Harry’s career prospects (the Mirror reports that Harry may go into acting) are flying around as One Direction begin an 18-month hiatus that will allow them to pursue solo projects?

The One Direction star is rarely photographed or videotaped losing his temper. Harry rarely seems even mildly stroppy, which is quite a feat, considering that the One Direction star has cameras in his face almost constantly. A favorite trick of the paps is to spring on people at the airport — unfortunate, considering that international travel is a stressful experience at the best of times.


“Do you avoid the exes on purpose? How do you like the groupies?” photographers ask the star in this video, as fans and paps alike press against the long-haired crooner, who is attempting to leave LAX airport.

The pap uploaded the footage to Youtube and captioned the video with his observations, saying that Styles stayed “shockingly calm” as he jetted out of LA to Sydney.


Anyone who has watched the One Direction hottie over the years can attest to the fact that Harry is a genuine sweetheart. However, there is an additional ingredient, rarely mentioned, that is constantly in play, allowing the hunk to keep up his Ghandi-esque image. That is, the work of Harry’s tireless bodyguards.

Amusing new footage has emerged showing Harry leaving a townhouse in his floral Gucci suit after a recent awards ceremony. The star stops to take a selfie with fans, showing his usual quiet attentiveness to his surroundings, and to the needs of others, as he strides out onto the street.

But unbeknownst to Harry, a scuffle is taking place between his bodyguard and the ever-present paps. Harry’s bodyguard confronts a photographer, placing his hand a little too close to the lens as he tries to buy time for the One Direction star.

“Don’t touch it!” the pap declares. Some colorful dialogue follows, in which the pap accuses the bodyguard of walking around in a state of arousal at the afterparty (the word “wood” may have been used).

“I have photographic evidence,” the cheeky photographer adds.

The One Direction security guard remains unruffled. “Brilliant,” Harry’s bouncer deadpans.

The pap thanks Harry for his kindness and restraint. As the Gucci-clad star climbs into a waiting vehicle, he adds,

“Shame about your security.”

Another incident in New York saw the star chased by fans after he was nice enough to pause and take a photo with them. The woman was dissatisfied with just one photograph and, when a lagging companion caught up with her, broke into a run and started chasing Styles and his men to the check-in counter.

Harry’s bouncers fall back from the group as they try to prevent the grasping women from reaching the stressed hunk


Where would Harry Styles be without his security? He will probably need them during the hiatus, as his star is unlikely to fade in the space of 18 months — especially not if Harry takes up any of those rumored movie offers.


Is Harry Styles the embodiment of kindness and restraint? Do those security guards take all the heat, leaving Harold free to indulge his fans?

(Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)