UK Mayor Welcomes Olympic Torch Dressed As A Giant Sausage

A UK mayor is facing criticism after she welcomed the Olympic torch to her town donning a sausage costume in an effort to promote a local pork product, according to MSN.

61 year-old Jill Makinson-Sanders wore the criticized costume when the torch passed through her town of Louth with the purpose of winning protected status for the Lincolnshire banger. However this move backfired when residents of the town came out complaining that the gesture was offensive.

“People couldn’t take their eyes off her because it looks so rude – her outfit certainly gained a few titters among the crowd,” said 38 year-old Sandra Ellington.

“It’s something you’d expect to see on a stag-do – not being worn by a respectable mayor,” adding,

“She didn’t carry the torch but when you saw her running down the street by the torch relay team nearby it really looked like she was wearing something obscene.”

However, Makinson-Sanders defended her outfit choice after claiming that they were never officially asked to be part of the Olympic event as the torch passed through their town. Therefore, the mayor claims that she had no mayoral duties to perform as the iconic item passed through, reports The Telegraph.

“Louth Town Council has not been officially invited to have anything to do with the Olympic torch or to meet the torch and welcome it in to the town,” she said

“I was not attending therefore in my capacity as mayor. I serve the town as mayor but only when invited to do so. I was not wearing a chain at this event.”

Still, city officials were extremely embarrassed for the town as the attention was focused on the 8 foot tall sausage, and not the Olympic torch.

“The council chamber must put a stop to this embarrassment, and restore some dignity to the people of Louth who do not want the local Olympic event high-jacked for commercial reasons.”

“To insult the whole spirit of the Olympic movement and the modest people who have carried the torch is not in Louth’s interest.”

Do you think that the mayor was in the wrong for dressing up as a giant sausage as the torch passed through? Or should she have had more respect for the event and her town?