Missouri Woman Who Claimed Her Fiancée Committed Suicide Is Accused Of Killing Him With An Assault Rifle, Then Staging His Death To Make It Look Like Suicide

A Missouri woman was arrested on murder charges after police officials believe she murdered her fiancée in cold blood after a domestic dispute and staged his death to make it look like suicide, according to the Daily Mail. Police officials say they discovered 22-year-old Missouri University of Science and Technology student Meghan Werner of Fenton, staggering on a street in downtown Rolla on December 12 at approximately 5:45 a.m. When she was stopped, she was hysterical but managed to tell Rolla police that her fiancée, Curt L. Marzolf, also 22, had committed suicide just 30 minutes prior. An officer then asked the Missouri woman why was she walking in the street, and she stated that she was “trying to find a phone in order to call the police” and report the suicide.

When Werner led Rolla police back to her home at 900 block of Arkansas Avenue, they discovered her fiancée’s body on the floor inside of a bedroom with a gunshot wound to his chest. An assault-style riffle was also discovered next to Marzolf’s body. Although the engineering student told officials that her fiancée had committed suicide, they weren’t buying her story. Court documents stated that there were obvious signs of struggle “as there was food scattered all over the floor, and a severely damaged laptop computer was found on the living room floor.”

Officers at the scene also stated that there was a “severely damaged and broken” bedroom door near where Marzolf’s body was found. It appeared that the riffle that was used in the alleged suicide had been moved after his death. According to the Rolla Daily News, “A spent rifle shell casing was found on the floor in the living room of the residence and the rifle from which the bullet was fired was found on the bed in the bedroom.” Werner was arrested hours later and charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Once in police custody, investigators attempted to interview her, but she refused because she wanted to speak with her attorney before making any statements. In the meantime, Detective Sgt. Hank Harper obtained a search warrant to collect DNA and blood samples from Werner, stating that he noticed a “large amount of dried, smeared blood on her lower left leg, which is believed to belong to the victim in this matter.”


Rolla Police Chief Sean Fagan claimed that Marzolf’s death was not a suicide but a domestic dispute turned deadly. He went on to say that “It’s a shame and it’s a tragic situation, the whole thing. Both families are very upset. This is tragic for both families. Neither of these young people, they’re both 22-years-old, neither of them have ever been in any trouble, and now their families are having to deal with this especially during the holiday season.”

Marzolf was also a student at Missouri University of Science and Technology and was studying engineering. Before he was allegedly shot to death with an assault rifle by his fiancée, who supposedly staged the murder to make it look like a suicide, he was set to graduate in a week with a Bachelor of Science degree, according to his Linkedin page. “He already had himself a full-time job as an engineer in Kansas City” and made plans to marry his fiancée, whom he had been in a romantic relationship with for three years, but it was all taken away. Marzolf’s brother had to walk across the stage and receive his college diploma on his behalf.

On Tuesday, Meghan Werner pleaded “not guilty” to staging the death of her fiancée, and she is currently being held at Phelps County Jail on $1 million bond, awaiting her next court date.

[Image via Rolla Police Department]