Kamilla Osman Speaks Out About Her Uncanny Resemblance To Kim Kardashian

It appears as though Kim Kardashian has a twin. Well, not really, but if you look at Toronto-based fashion blogger Kamilla Osman’s Instagram photos, you may question the possibility.

Osman recently joined the social media site Instagram and has racked up over 70,000 followers due to her uncanny resemblance to the one and only Kim Kardashian. Kamilla even has the same physical attributes as the 35-year-old star and mother-of-two and Keeping up with the Kardashians star: the same hourglass figure, flawless skin-tone, and long dark hair.

Many Instagram users have accused the Canadian blogger of having surgical procedures to perfect her likeness to Kardashian, who is married to rapper Kanye West. However, Osman insists she has never intentionally tried to look like the reality star and that their background is what contributed to their strikingly similar looks.

“I didn’t try to emulate Kim’s look,” Osman, 20, told People Magazine. “We happen to be from very similar backgrounds – I am Azeri, which borders Armenia, so I guess that played a role in our similarity. Most girls in my country have the same look.”

“I didn’t do anything invasive or on purpose to be like her,” Osman continued. “I just naturally have dark long hair, olive skin, almond shaped eyes and a slim face.”

Being seen as Kim Kardashian’s doppelganger has taken Osman by surprise, and she says she is very accepting of her newfound internet fame. However, she does admit that there are those who like to troll her Instagram page and write nasty comments on her pictures. Shockingly, Osman said she never even really thought she looked that much like Kardashian.

“It was quite shocking to get such a reaction from the Internet. I never expected it, and I never even thought that I looked that much like Kim! There are a ton of people on Instagram who aren’t thrilled about the similarity, and they leave very harsh comments. It’s tough!”

As far as the comparison is concerned, Kamilla said she is flattered to be compared to Kim, calling her a “very beautiful woman.”

“I personally think Kim Kardashian is a very beautiful woman, so I take it as a compliment when people tell me that I look like her!” Kamilla said.

Check out some of these comparison photos from Twitter below:

Morning! Canadian blogger Kamilla Osman is Kim K’s ‘twin’. Can u tell them apart? #FlyWolfPack pic.twitter.com/dp5RyXMi9X

While there are women all over Instagram and other social media sites trying to perfect the Kim Kardashian look, it takes little to no practice for Kamilla Osman, who already appears to have the same fashion sense as Kim K. Not only does she look just like Kardashian, she also wears the same style of clothing, contours her makeup the same way, and styles her hair in an eerily similar fashion.

This isn’t the first time a Kardashian doppelganger has surfaced. In October 2014, the Huffington Post shared an article about a blogger named Marianna Hewitt, who also favors Kim. Hewitt. Hewitt ran the blog La La Mer, said she was a huge fan of Kim’s, and even had the opportunity to interview her for a magazine article.

What do you think about Kamilla Osman’s resemblance to Kim Kardashian? Can you tell them apart? Leave your comments below.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]