Katie Hopkins: British Muslim Family’s Disneyland Trip Banned Fairly — Tariq Mahmood Linked To al Qaeda Terrorists

Katie Hopkins has a long history of making very controversial statements, but now she is claiming that a British Muslim family’s Disneyland trip needed to be banned. The Department of Homeland Security blocked Mohammad Tariq Mahmood, his brother, and the nine children from entering the United States, but Hopkins says this is only “fair play.” When her social media account lit up with criticism based upon these comments, Hopkins responded by writing a full article where she claims the Muslim family has links to al Qaeda terrorists.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some experts believe homegrown ISIS in America may attempt to incite a second American Civil War by using anger over Muslims to divide the United States.

It does not take much of a trip down memory lane to find controversy with this British columnist. During the summer of 2015, Katie Hopkins said that euthanasia vans are necessary because England has way “too many old people,” and she even referred to illegal immigrants as “cockroaches” for trying to sneak into European countries via the Mediterranean. “Rescue boats? I’d use gunships to stop migrants,” she said.

Katie Hopkins happt to see asylum seekers die

Now, Hopkins has unloaded all of her guns on the British Muslim family’s Disneyland trip. The first salvo began with Hopkin’s Twitter account.

I wasn’t allowed into UK with my hubby & 3 kids. Why the hell would we let Mahmood, his brother – Mahmood – and 9 Mahmood kids on a plane? — Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) December 23, 2015

When the news first went out, Tariq Mahmood was interviewed he claimed his family were normal people who just wanted to vacation in the United States.

“I still don’t know why. I told them we had our ESTA [US travel visa] approved six weeks ago. We’re just a normal, law-abiding family trying to go on our holidays. None of us have ever been involved in crime or mixed up in anything,” he said. “Maybe America has started changing after Donald Trump said Muslims should be banned.”

On social media, Hopkins said, “Two men. Nine Kids. Sod that for reasonable.” Writing for the Daily Mail, Hopkins also questioned why the family was flying to Disneyland without any women.

“This lovely big British family aren’t exactly conventional. They are two brothers – and 9 children… between 8 and 19 years old. I’m sorry? Two brothers and nine children. All called Mahmood,” she wrote. “When was the last time two grown men, took nine ‘kids’ abroad on their own? And since when was a 19 year old a child?… So if Homeland Security were suspicious about the fact there were no mothers in the group, who can entirely blame them?”

The Mahmood family has responded to similar criticism by saying that one of their wives was sick, so the women stayed behind on the Disneyland trip. It is also believed that Tariq’s wife was in Pakistan at the time.

British Muslim family banned from entering the United States.

Besides this criticism, Hopkins claims “there is another side to this story not being told” about the British Muslim family’s Disneyland trip. She claims the Mahmood family comes from “Waltham Forest, a known hotbed of extremism,” and that they have “confirmed links with al Qaeda.”

“Intelligence was received about a Facebook page connected to the family address, containing extremist material sympathizing with al Qaeda,” she wrote.


Katie Hopkins is referring to reports about how a Facebook page showing support for al Qaeda and the Taliban was set up by someone living at the British family’s postal address. The page was created in the name of Hamza Hussain, who happens to share the first name of Mahmood’s 18-year-old son. This page listed himself as “supervisor at Taliban and leader at al-Qaeda.”

When Tariq Mahmood was asked about the Facebook account, he claimed it was all a coincidence.

“That could be anything, maybe a mistake,” he said, according to the Daily Mail. “It is not my son’s Facebook page. It has a similar name, but not the same as my son’s. The page is also linked to our home address and that could be coincidence. I don’t know why it is linked there. The name is not even the same. The authorities must have linked it simply because of the name Hamza.”

But Hopkins is not finished with her reasons for why the British Muslim family was banned fairly. She notes that “Tariq’s brother was also detained in Tel Aviv [Israel] for 8 days before being ejected from the country” and an “email sent from [their] computer [was] sympathising with Al Qaeda Mahmood.” Based upon this information, Hopkins claims the DHS acted fairly.

“So actually, ladies and gents there is quite a lot to see here. And it is not the discrimination of innocents at Gatwick. It is America protecting its own people,” she claims. “We are weak by comparison. I congratulate the USA Homeland Security Force for a job well done.”

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