NFL Power Rankings Week 16: What Is The Worst Team In The NFL This Season?

NFL power rankings for Week 16 have been revealed by many major sports sites. While the Week 16 NFL power rankings agree on some of the top teams again, there is a debate about which team is the worst in the NFL this season. In the updated NFL standings, two teams are tied at 3-11 for the worst record in the league. The Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans are fighting for that No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft and have played some sub-par football to post those 3-11 records. Not every site agrees that they are the worst teams though.

In the new NFL power rankings from CBS Sports, the Baltimore Ravens keep the title of worst team in the league. The Ravens are 4-10 on the season, getting out-scored by 68 points this season. It could be surprising to some fans that the Ravens take up the last spot in these rankings, as the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans have been much worse on both sides of the ball. The 253 points by the Browns is second-worst to the 246 scored by the Dallas Cowboys this year.

In the FOX Sports power rankings for Week 16, the Titans are ranked as the worst team. They then have the Ravens at No. 31, the Dallas Cowboys at No. 30, and the Browns at No. 29. In comparison, CBS Sports had the Ravens at No. 32, the Titans at No. 31, the San Francisco 49ers at No. 30, and the Browns at No. 29. Over at ESPN, the latest rankings have the Browns at No. 32, the Titans at No. 31, the 49ers at No. 30, and the Cowboys at No. 29. ESPN feels that the Ravens are only the 28th worst team in the NFL right now.

Tony Romo Sacked Again [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]CBS Sports has the same Cowboys (No. 29 at ESPN, No. 30 at FOX) all the way up at No. 23 overall. Despite losing for the second-straight week, the Cowboys didn’t get dropped in the latest NFL power rankings from CBS. The site has the Cowboys (4-10) ahead of the San Diego Chargers (4-10), Miami Dolphins (5-9), Jacksonville Jaguars (5-9), Detroit Lions (5-9), and New Orleans Saints (5-9).

In the Week 16 NFL schedule, the San Francisco 49ers play the Detroit Lions, the Jacksonville Jaguars play the New Orleans Saints, the Dallas Cowboys play the Buffalo Bills, and the San Diego Chargers play the Oakland Raiders. All four games pit teams against each other that have already been eliminated from making the playoffs. It could lead to some very ugly football and a shift in the rankings when it comes to the worst teams in the NFL. Several other games could also affect the rankings as the Cleveland Browns play the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tennessee Titans play the Houston Texans, and the Baltimore Ravens play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, football analysts have the Ravens, Browns, and Titans all losing in Week 16. That could certainly create additional debate about which team is really the worst in the league. The importance lies in how the final selection order for the 2016 NFL Draft plays out. It leaves the teams competing for that top spot little to play for in the final two weeks of the regular season, possibly leading to some very ugly outcomes.

Seattle Seahawks Sack Johnny Manziel [Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]As for the top of the Week 16 NFL power rankings, all of the main sports sites agree on the top three teams. They are (in order) the Carolina Panthers (14-0), Arizona Cardinals (12-2), and New England Patriots (12-2). After that, the two hottest teams in the NFL are the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers, with both teams looking very strong as the playoffs approach. Victories in Week 17 could lead both teams to holding that No. 4 spot in updated NFL power rankings.

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