WWE News: Cesaro Heavily Favored By Vince McMahon, Could This Mean A Push Upon His Return?

WWE superstar Cesaro is currently out with an injury. Unfortunately, this occurred when he was really starting to show promise and get to a point where WWE management wanted to use him more and more. It was known for some time before this that while hardcore fans loved Cesaro — he was seen as a “wrestler’s wrestler” — he never quite landed with the majority of fans or stepped out for management to notice him more.

This led to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon saying that Cesaro needs to connect with the WWE audience more. Instead of complaining, Cesaro did just that, and he was able to get the fans massively behind him. This was something WWE always wanted for Cesaro, and those within WWE were happy that he was finally starting to get over with the majority of the fans. Most importantly, he was starting to get over with Vince McMahon himself.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Cesaro was well liked by Vince when he put on a fantastic match with Roman Reigns on WWE RAW. This happened to be Cesaro’s last match with WWE, as he was hurt before this but was working through the injury. He later found he had a shoulder problem that needed to be taken care of, which meant he would miss some of the action. Cesaro was able to deliver four- to five-star matches while hurt, which says all you need to know about his ability in a ring.

Cesaro Owens
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Vince was considering the idea of closing the RAW show with the Reigns/Cesaro match, but he decided to go with the Divas ending the show instead. It is thought that he regretted the move since Reigns was looking great after the match. In a time they were trying to build him as a top guy, it would have been better to end with him on top rather than with Divas in a secondary match.

Vince was said to have been “blown away” by the match, which was telling because many feel Vince is hard to please at this point. The fact Cesaro could do this went a long way for him. Vince was also reportedly happy with Cesaro’s work against Kevin Owens, among others, and considers Cesaro a star for them if he can come back with the same fanfare he did when he left.

Cesaro has a long recovery for his shoulder injury. According to PWInsider, he is set to go to Birmingham, Alabama, to meet with Dr. James Andrews about an update on his shoulder in January. He will most likely do some rehab while he is there. Cesaro has been rehabbing at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, but he clearly has to get updates from one of the best orthopedic offices in the world.

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While it is unknown how long Cesaro will be out, he’ll have a pretty good idea on his return status after the trip to Birmingham.

Cesaro had surgery in November, and he has been doing as told regarding rehab. He was set to miss at least four to six months at the time, but he could very well need more time that this. He could also get good news in that he could be back earlier than expected. If he can rehab completely in four months, that might allow him a chance to return around WrestleMania 32. While WWE does not want to push Cesaro to return, they are starting to see talent drop like flies and they do need people.

Many fans believe that Cesaro will get a chance to shine upon his return to the roster. If he can come back with the same love and continue to impress, there is a big impression among many that WWE will finally give him the push he deserves. Could a potential Money in the Bank briefcase be in his future?

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