Christian Blogger Says Anna Duggar Cannot Leave Josh If She Is Truly A Godly Woman, Pens Her A Letter To Let Her Know

A Christian blogger is praising Anna Duggar for remaining committed to her husband, Josh, despite the series of scandals that have surfaced surrounding him. In fact, blogger Lori Alexander says that Anna does not have the right to leave Josh if she truly is a Godly woman. She claims that we are all “wretched sinners” and are not allowed to judge others, especially our spouses, for their behavior. She says that Anna is obligated to stay with Josh.

She goes even further to say that there is no reason at all that God would look favorably on a divorce and that no matter how many times a spouse in unfaithful or ungodly, it must be forgiven or you are wicked. This Christian blogger then shared a letter she pinned to Anna telling her not to hold on to bitterness and to use her platform as a reality television star to be “a huge witness” of God’s patience to the world.

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Blogger Lori Alexander recently discussed the Anna Duggar divorce controversy. Many people have encouraged Anna to divorce Josh Duggar and leave the Duggar compound for good. However, Lori says that Anna does not have a right to leave her spouse and that if she wants to remain a Godly woman, she must accept her husband back into her home and forgive him.

Lori notes that she was “encouraged” when she heard that Anna was not seeking divorce and wanted to counteract the “wrong” advice of so many others. Therefore, Lori sent a letter to Anna that encouraged her to remain faithful to Josh and to be a witness to the world of God’s patience.

“I was encouraged yesterday to hear a report that you would not seek divorce. I have never encouraged a woman to get divorced and I never will since marriage is a model of Christ and the church and He will never divorce us. He continues to be faithful, even when we are not. Please, don’t hold onto bitterness but forgive as the Lord has so graciously forgiven us. It may take a lot of time and prayer but with Christ ALL things are possible. This will be a huge witness to a watching world of God’s patience and love for His children the church. You are showing Christ’s love and forgiveness to a wretched sinner as we all once were before being washed in His blood and made new creatures in Him. He now even calls us saints!”

Anna Duggar seems to agree with Lori’s analysis and said in the most recent episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On that she wanted to be an “extension of God’s love to Joshua.” She said that she wanted to forgive him and love him despite all he has done. She said she is waiting patiently for God to answer her prayers and work on her heart.

“I pray through all of this that I would be an extension of God’s love to Joshua; that I would love him and forgive him. I will wait patiently and allow God to work in our hearts. My prayer and my heart’s desire is for our marriage to be restored. When you go through difficult times, it can either destroy your life or make you stronger. My purpose and my desire through all of this for each member of my family is that we would turn our hearts to God and find the grace and the help we need and come out stronger.”

Alexander notes that Anna’s response to the infidelity should be an example to other women as she is taking a “brave stand God’s word.”

“Anna takes seriously her vows and believes that what God has joined together, let NO man tear asunder, not even Josh himself.”

This isn’t the first time that the blogger has openly told women that divorce is never okay in God’s eyes. In fact, after the first episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On aired, Lori posted about divorce and if God would ever tell a woman to divorce her husband. Her answer was a resounding no as she claims that there is never a just cause to divorce your spouse. In fact, Lori notes that women may be called by God to sacrifice and suffer since their time on earth is only a “small piece of eternity.”

“Since we understand that this is not our home and that this is just a small piece of eternity, we can live our lives boldly for Him, even if it means sacrifice and suffering. Many women through the ages have won their difficult husbands to the Lord by remaining faithful to them through the good times and the bad times.”

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Marriage was such a big deal for Josh and Anna Duggar that they saved their first kiss for their wedding day (Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram)

What do you think about Lori Alexander’s advice to Anna Duggar that divorce is not an option and that God would never call a woman to divorce her husband no matter the situation?

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