Kimoji App Breaks Server Just Like Kim Kardashian Butt Crashed Internet: Kanye Sexts With Emojis As App Hits #1

Kimoji App strikes gold for Kim Kardashian.

The Kimoji app credited to Kim Kardashian succeeded in doing just what her derriere did – it broke the Internet. Well, at least, it broke the servers. That’s what happened when the Kimoji app collided with consumer demanded and overwhelmed the Apple store, reported Vanity Fair.

Did the Kimoji app crash the Internet again?

Kim tweeted about her personalized emojis, which consist of 250 Kimmy images to download that range from her Paper magazine cover caboose to a waist trainer and the infamous “ugly cry.” Kardashian asserted on social media that it was the outcry for her Kimoji app that caused the Apple app website to crash.

But was it Kim’s butt’s popularity that caused the crash because the Apple site could not handle the demand or Kardashian’s own Kimoji app that had problems?

A source told VF Hollywood that Apple’s app store experienced no technical difficulties during the supposed problem period. Moreover, those who had trouble downloading the app found that the problems didn’t stop there. They had issues using the emojis for the purpose for which they were designed; inserting them into texts or on social media.

Kardashian, however, repeatedly tweeted her own belief that it was due to her popularity and the Kimoji app’s success.

However, Kanye West apparently isn’t having any problems. He and Kim are enjoying hotter-than-hot sexting marathons, according to Hollywood Life.

As Kardashian recovers from having her new baby, Saint West, Kanye is enjoying sexting with the Kimji app.

The Kimoji app is a hit for Kanye West (L) and Kim Kardashian.

“Kim’s not ready to have sex, as she’s still recovering after giving birth to Saint. So as a substitute, they’ve been sexting, using her Kimojis. Kanye texted her and sent her the Kimoji with her panties at her ankles and wrote I can’t wait for this day again. Kim replied me either, lol. This has become a fun substitute for sex for them while Kim rests and heals.”

As for the Apple store healing from the onslaught of Kimoji app fans? No healing is needed because the App Store is doing just fine, according to Apple Insider.

Did the Kimoji App crash the Apple store?

As for what that means in download numbers, the Kimoji app was so popular that it recorded 9,000 downloads per millisecond at one high point, according to TMZ.

Kanye West (L) is doing his share to make the Kimoji app a success.

Regardless of who’s to blame for the problems, you’ll still need to pay $1.99 to have the Kardashian-themed emojis for your very own.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]