‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6B Spoilers: Hanna Has A Fiance

Pretty Little Liars is one of the biggest shows for ABC Family. It is six seasons in, and there is plenty more chaos coming for the girls. During Season 6B, there is a time jump of five years. The girls have all finished high school and are scattered in various areas. While Pretty Little Liars fans would like to see the same couples they grew to love during the first five seasons remain together, that just isn’t what the writers have in mind. Things are going to be completely different when the show returns in January.

There have been rumors that Pretty Little Liars will end after Season 7. If that is the case, the writers have one full season and a half left to wrap everything up and give fans the closure they have been so desperately seeking. When the truth about “A” came out during Season 6A, there was a bit of a shock. No one really thought it was going to be a transgender story line, much less linked to a sibling of Alison’s. Things were pretty crazy and the answers didn’t all add up. With the time jump in place for Pretty Little Liars, there is just no telling where things are headed.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Pretty Little Liars has a new cast member. Hanna is said to be engaged, but not to Caleb like many had hoped. Instead, her fiance is Jordan. The two met because they are both in the fashion industry, and they both live in New York City. Hanna moved there with Caleb after she graduated, but where is he now? This is all incredibly shocking to Pretty Little Liars fans who are just now hearing about Jordan. He is going to be played by David Coussins. He is an Australian actor and is definitely good looking enough to have snagged someone like Hanna Marin.

It seems that Hanna isn’t the only Pretty Little Liars character with a change in love. There are talks about how Aria is currently dating someone new who she is totally head over heels for, and there is Alison who is also engaged. Things in their lives seem to be perfect on the outside, but it looks like the return of “A” is threatening to tear everything apart. Rumors of Aria having involvement with “A” have been circulating since the beginning of Pretty Little Liars, but could her new beau be stirring up trouble in Season 6B?

Fans of Pretty Little Liars are interested to see what Jordan is like compared to Caleb. “Haleb” (Hanna and Caleb) was a fan-favorite coupling, and this may affect ratings if ABC Family isn’t careful in the delivery. According to E! Online, Jordan is described as very down-to-earth and good looking. While Pretty Little Liars fans may not be too keen on him now, they will grow to like him as he frequents their screens. Nothing is written in stone for Hanna yet, but she could be walking down the aisle sooner rather than later at this point.


Because of the time jump, the Pretty Little Liars characters are all roughly 23-years-old. They have completed college and are doing things in the real world. We know that Hanna is living in New York City, but where are the other girls? Alison is a teacher, but no one really knows what happened to Aria, Emily, or Spencer. Did they all stay behind in Rosewood and face the town that has held nothing but nightmares, or did the Pretty Little Liars characters adventure out of their comfort zone? Season 6B will begin airing Jan. 12 on ABC Family, which will soon be known as Freeform.

[Image via ABC Family]