Simon Cowell Bashes Zayn Malik’s One Direction Comments As “Rude”

When Simon Cowell of all people calls someone “rude,” you know he’s serious. The former American Idol judge was known for harsh, sometimes over-the-top reviews of singers’ performances, and now he’s criticizing former One Direction star Zayn Malik’s criticism. Malik recently shaded his ex-bandmates in One Direction, stating that their music was “generic as f–k” and that he quit One Direction to go make “real music.” The Daily Mirror noted Cowell’s opinion that Malik would rethink his comments about One Direction once enough time had passed.

“I think once he [Zayn] has had a chance to reflect on everything he will probably reconsider what he’s said because it was a very, very democratic process in the band”

Cowell was a mentor to One Direction on the hit reality show X-Factor UK, and the boys of One Direction are also currently signed to his label, SyCo Entertainment. Malik left One Direction in 2015 to save his relationship with then-girlfriend Perrie Edwards, who had been branded as “One Direction’s Yoko Ono” by the band’s fans. Since then, Malik has signed with RCA Records and has managed to avoid criticism from One Direction fans, even drawing their love and support on Twitter. Perhaps surprisingly, Simon did congratulate Zayn for signing with RCA back in July, adding that whatever Malik made with his new record label would likely be “special”.

Though Malik has been shading One Direction for quite some time now, the other four members of the group seem okay with his decision to leave. Since Zayn’s departure from One Direction, Simon Cowell has wished the remaining four band members the best of luck, and even given them compliments about their musical careers. Cowell even gave One Direction some props on Twitter for their newest album, Made In The A.M., which he called their best in recent years.

As The Inquisitr discovered, One Direction will be taking a hiatus for about a year and a half. Some fans have been speculating that this break is the beginning of the end for One Direction, but the band’s members have shot these rumors down and promised One Direction will return.

Whatever the real reason for the One Direction hiatus, it will undoubtedly give the band members a chance to re-organize and re-think their approach after having lost Zayn. Though it is surely a difficult time for One Direction, the band hasn’t missed a beat; they released their new album, Made In The A.M., last month, and the support of fans on Twitter for both One Direction and Malik has been large.

Malik, in the meantime, is reportedly working on a new solo album, which he tells Capital Records has been in his head for 10 years. The star has apparently been influenced by nearly every type of music, from Bollywood to Rap, which should make for an interesting first solo album – we’re willing to bet Simon Cowell will hate on it though.

Perhaps the break from One Direction will be just what Malik needs to experiment with his music and be himself. He has already launched a new song entitled “Befour” as one of his first singles, which you can check out on Youtube. Hopefully, this will give us a taste of what Malik is planning for his first solo album. Let us know what you think of Simon Cowell’s Zayn Malik diss, and how you feel about the One Direction hiatus in the comments below.

[Photo by Jon Furniss, Invision/AP Images]