Reporter Kicked Out Murder Trial For Wearing ‘Disco Pants’

A New Zealand reporter was recently kicked out of a murder trial after showing up to the courtroom wearing a pair of tight, gold sparkly pants, reports MSN.

25 year-old Laura McQuillan, who works for NZ Newswire, showed up to cover the Scott Guy murder trial when she was approached by the court registrar and asked to leave after the official claimed that her pants weren’t appropriate enough to sit in on the proceedings.

With no official dress code for media in the court room, McQuillan didn’t see a problem with the “disco pants” that she was wearing and quickly took Twitter to defend her fashion choice to her followers.

“I’m sitting under a table! No one even sees my legs!” she said, adding,

“I don’t know why people are acting like they’ve never seen sequined pants before.”

According to the New Zealand Herald, the very upset young reporter received plenty of support from her Twitter followers after she claimed that the pants were really not a big deal at all and that no one could even see her pants as her legs are under a table the entire time.

Media personality Kerre Woodham even stepped out to console McQuillan, saying that:

“I got kicked out of court and an official warning when I wore a white sundress and got caught in the rain.”

Do you think that this young reporters gold sparkly “disco pants” should be a cause for concern when reporting in the court room? Or do you feel that since there is no required dress code for media in the court room that she should be allowed to wear her gold sequined pants?