Yolanda Foster Contacts Brandi Glanville And Kim Richards, Says She’s Still In Treatment For Lyme Disease

Is Yolanda Foster faking her Lyme Disease? A preview of Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows that the question of whether Yolanda really has Lyme Disease or is just faking it for attention and/or sympathy will come to the forefront when Lisa Rinna talks to Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards about Munchausen syndrome, implying that it may be something that applies to Yolanda’s situation.


On Monday, Yolanda responded to the speculation. In response to a viewer who asked Yolanda if she has been cured of Lyme Disease or is in remission for it, since there are stories out there stating that she is faking her illness, Yolanda replied that she’s getting better but is still in treatment for it five days a week.


Yolanda being questioned by some of her co-stars may be making her gravitate more towards the women from the show who remain loyal to her. Earlier on Monday, Brandi Glanville tweeted that Yolanda called her. Brandi praised Yolanda for calling to check up on her despite what she’s going through in her own life.


On Saturday, Yolanda congratulated Kim Richards on her new reality TV show.


The day prior, People reported that Kim is filming a new reality TV show with her youngest daughter, 20-year-old Kimberly. A source told the site that filming the show helps Kim, who is currently living with her ex-husband Monty Brinson, sober. Details of the new show have not been released but it seems to involve Kim getting some professional help.

“Kim knows how important it is for her to be sober. And it’s good for her to have an outlet, something to keep her busy. She is also getting professional guidance, which is a positive sign.”

On Season 5, while the rest of the housewives drew themselves away from Kim Richards and Brand Glanville, Yolanda Foster remained their friend. While Kim and Brandi are no longer part of the starring cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, they will both be seen in guest spots this season. The preview for Season 6 shows Kim in one scene with Lisa Rinna. Kim tells Lisa that she “really pointed some nasty fingers” at her, to which Lisa retorts that Kim needs to own up to her faults. In another scene, Brandi tells Yolanda that the other women are preying on her now that she’s sick.

“They like to prey on the weak. You’re sick so let’s go after you.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Brandi, Kim and Yolanda were also photographed filming a picnic scene in November.

The questioning of Yolanda’s Lyme Disease on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicked off with last week’s episode. During Ken Todd’s 70th birthday party organized by Lisa Vanderpump, Taylor Armstrong, who starred on the show for its first three seasons but has continued to pop up in episodes every now and then as a guest, asked about Yolanda, who wasn’t there. Taylor expressed bewilderment over Yolanda’s health, in particular all the Instagram selfies that Yolanda takes showing her seemingly both ill and healthy, and said that she suspects that Yolanda doesn’t actually Lyme Disease but something else. After the episode aired, Taylor explained that she isn’t questioning the fact that Yolanda is ill but wonders perhaps if there may be a misdiagnoses.


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