US Open suspended due to rain

You can chill out with the live streaming searches, people- the US Open has been suspended due to excessive rain up in here.

The tennisping-pong golf tournament, which happens to be going down two towns over from me (holla!) has been rained out for the time being. And if the preceding weeks are any indication, there’s no end in sight. Also, rain is predicted through the weekend. (Burn!)

Play was officially suspended at 10:16am local time due to “torrential rains” and 20mph winds. Reporting that many holes looked “like a swamp,” quoted USGA’s David Fay:

“We’ve reached the breaking point… There’s too much water accumulating on the greens, the heavy rain is coming and is likely to be here for about an hour, and we thought it was prudent to suspend play… Mother Nature is a little irritated.”

Fay indicated hope that the break would last an hour or so, but judging by the way it’s coming down, that’s a very idealistic time frame.