FriendFeed Gets Better: Friend Lists, Photo Hosting + feed sharing

Duncan Riley

FriendFeed has launched a new beta version of their lifestreaming site, with a range of useful features.

Top of the list is Friends Lists, so you can group friends you want to follow. For example if I wanted to quickly read Louis Gray's feed, or people around Louis, I could group them in a friends list for quick and easy viewing.

Photo hosting isn't entirely new to FriendFeed, having been available via the iPhone version for some time, but the extension of that functionality into the main web offering should add new dimensions to the community sharing aspect of FriendFeed.

Feed sharing takes FriendFeed into Google Reader territory, allowing users to view the FriendFeed stream of other users easily from the interface. For example you could quickly jump into Robert Scoble's feed and know who he's reading.

I haven't had a full chance yet to play with it, but the early feedback on FriendFeed appears positive. To access the new beta version of FriendFeed, visit More details available on the FriendFeed blog here.