Joey & Rory Feek Share Xmas Amid Terminal Cancer: Grammy Honoree Hopes To See Baby Turn 2 & Gets ‘Joey’s Song’

Joey Feek and Rory Feek initially earned fame as country stars. But at just 40, Joey recently has also received attention and love as she battles terminal cancer, with Feek earning praise for his faithful support and deep love. Now in stage IV cervical cancer, Joey and Feek are proving that illness need not rob them of the holiday spirit by celebrating Christmas early at their home with their baby girl, Indiana, reported the Daily Mail.

Credit a visit from Santa Claus (prompted by Arkansas pals) for boosting their joy. And that’s not the only reason for happiness recently. Rory and Joey were nominated for a Grammy award for “If I Needed You.” But even as they seek to stay positive with these reasons for rejoicing, Joey is aware that no one knows how much time she has left on Earth with her loved ones. She revealed that she longs to survive long enough to celebrate with her little girl, Indiana, in February, when she turns 2.

Santa Claus has a chat with Joey and Rory Feek and their baby girl. Santa Claus has a chat with Joey and Rory Feek and their baby girl. [Image via This Life I Live]The early Christmas celebration didn’t just feature Santa himself. The fat jolly guy who’s got a passion for reindeers and presents was accompanied by spouse Mrs. Claus. And Santa told Joey, Rory, and their little daughter some interesting details about his life, including revealing that he was in tune with their country music. Claus also shared that he and the missus plan to go to Florida after the New Year.

But the happiness of the holiday is interwoven with sadness, as Feek revealed that Joey has remained in her hospice bed because of her waning strength. Battling stage IV cervical cancer under hospice care, Joey decided to give baby Indiana an early second birthday party just in case she passes before her daughter’s February birth date.

Seeking to focus on love and hope while sharing his sorrow over the terminal cancer diagnosis of his beloved wife Joey, Feek has created a blog documenting the events in the couple’s life, reported the Boot.

Rory noted that during his meeting with Santa, he received a memorable message.

“He told us that ‘you haven’t lived ’til you’ve found a job that allows you to give something back,’ ” Feek recalled. “He said he takes his job very seriously … he’s even been to Santa school — twice.”

And despite the sadness that runs through his life, Rory expressed his appreciation for Santa’s arrival, which also marked the first time that Indiana had encountered Mr. Claus.

Mrs. Claus adds her insights to the conversation. Mrs. Claus adds her insights to the conversation. [Image via This Life I Live]“What a blessing this evening was,” declared Feek. “What a beautiful way to kick off the week leading up to Christmas.”

Joey and Feek made the decision about hospice when she suffered through radiation and a round of chemotherapy for her Stage IV cervical cancer and, instead of improvement, developed additional tumors. The couple chose to halt medical treatments and go to their hometown, where Joey ultimately started home hospice care.

To honor Joey’s struggle with cancer, Tyler Hayes, a well-known Nashville songwriter, crafted and recorded a ballad he’s simply and succinctly called “Joey’s Song,” reported Taste Of Country.

Hayes will donate all of the money from iTunes sales to whatever charity Joey desires. And the song has a message not just for Joey, Rory, and those who love her, but for all experiencing what the country star is going through.

“[The song serves as a] voice for those who know the time is coming soon when they are going to leave their family behind,” shared Tyler eloquently. “I wanted this song to be a way of saying that even though my physical body may be gone, my spirit will never leave you. You will never have to live a day without me, because I will be there with you in some shape or form.”

Among the lyrics are those which touch the heart.

“I’m not gonna leave you / Lost and lonely / I hope it makes your heart smile / When you think about me / I’ll be right beside you / As you go about your day / And if you ever need me / I’ll be just a prayer away / So please don’t think that we’re through / Because I’m not gonna leave you.”

[Image via This Life I Live]