Youth Hockey Coach Arrested For Tripping Opposing Player [Video]

Now this is a role model. A youth hockey coach was arrested this weekend after he tripped an opposing player while the two teams were shaking hands after the game.

Yep, while the 12-year-old kids were congratulating each other on a hard-fought game, Martin Tremblay, the coach of the UBC Hornets, tripped the opposing team’s star player. Tremblay claims that he tripped but the video (you can watch it below) tells a different story.

According to The Star, Tremblay and Hornets had just won the gold medal in a tournament on their home ice. But instead of celebrating, Tremblay tripped a member of the Richmond Steel.

To make matters worse, the 13-year-old player that Tremblay tripped may have injured his wrist in the fall. Richmond Steel team manager Tammy Hohlweg said that the boy will have to wear a cast for two weeks.

RCMP Sgt. Paulena Gidda said:

“Charges are pending… Ultimately, at the end of the day, we’re looking at charges of assault, and possibly assault causing bodily harm, depending on the injuries and where our investigation take us.”

Gidda did not confirm if the player’s wrist was broken.

Bill Veenstra, president of the Vancouver Thunderbird Minor Hockey Association, told CTV News:

“We certainly have expectations that all of our coaches will exhibit good sportsmanship and, certainly, would not injure and opposing players.”

Here’s the video of the incident. Coach Tremblay accidentally trips (AKA purposefully sticks his foot out to trip a 13-year-old kid) at the 13 second mark.