Can 3D Printed Sneakers Help Foot Ailments? [Video]

Will you be able to walk into a shoe store one day and walk with a new pair of shoes that are built specifically for your foot? According to Adidas, yes, and that day is just about here. Adidas recently unveiled the Futurecraft 3D, a sneaker that has a 3D printed midsole to fit every contour of your foot for a precise fitting sneaker.

In order to get the proper measurements needed to print a custom 3D midsole, you will have to run on a specially designed treadmill. The treadmill is equipped with sensors that will map the contours of your feet and find out which part of your foot has the most pressure exerted on it. The treadmill will send the information that it collects to a computer which creates a design file that a 3D printer uses to print out the midsole and you’re done. You now will have a custom made pair of sneakers that are designed to match the “exact contours and pressure points” of your feet.

Adidas posted a YouTube video which shows the 3D process used to create the sneakers.