Kylie Jenner Blasts Paparazzi, Posts Cute Christmas Throwback [Video]

All celebrities face the dreaded paparazzi on a daily basis, and the Jenner-Kardashian crew are no strangers to the incessant following and invasion of personal space. Although the paparazzi do their part to keep the Kardashian stars in the spotlight -- just as they like it -- even the reality star fam can be pushed to its limits.

Kylie Jenner expressed her annoyance with the tireless photogs by way of a Twitter rant on Friday. The star has snapped a number of pics that show how prevalent the paparazzi is in her day-to-day, which she often shares on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. However, it's the fact that the paparazzi have been the cause of endangering innocent lives while trying to get the best pic that Kylie is upset about, and is the main reason she took to Twitter this week.

In defense of those who have been negatively impacted by the paparazzi, People shares Kylie's words about another undesirable run-in with the photogs.
" 'Paparazzi are so disrespectful on a whole other level,' Jenner, 18, wrote. She clarified that she has accepted the constant presence of paparazzi in her life, but would still appreciate some respect, before adding, 'I've seen 2 car accidents in the last WEEK caused by paparazzi.' "
The 18-year-old star of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been consistently making a point to draw attention to how obnoxious the photographers can be. She got herself in hot water a couple of months back after sharing a video of herself reacting to an annoying female paparazzi and indicating that women shouldn't be paparazzi. That there must be something she's better suited for.Earlier this week, Kylie posted a photo of herself being escorted to her car amid a sea of the dedicated photogs and captioned the photo "Life." It's difficult to truly feel sorry for the ultra famous teen, however, the annoyance would be enough to drive anyone mad and if innocent lives are being put at risk for the best shot, then Jenner making her voice heard on the subject has some purpose.

The teen has quickly taken over the top rank in the Kardashian-Jenner household for popularity and strength of social media following. Kylie has experienced massive success with an app that is personalized to her fans and also has been gaining praise for her beauty tutorials posted regularly to her website. Additionally, she and sister Kendall have launched their own collection at Topshop stores -- a chain that is extremely popular with her demographic and fan base. The increase in popularity Kylie has experienced goes hand-in-hand with the level of paparazzi harassment she experiences on the daily. Big sister Kim has been out of the spotlight since giving birth to Saint West earlier this month, so, naturally, Kylie is the hottest target.

Jenner likely enjoys reminiscing about a more innocent time before her privacy was constantly invaded by the media and photographers. The teen shared an adorable throwback from a Christmas years ago.In the video, as Daily Mail relays, the much-younger Kylie is given a Christmas present and has an adorable and excited reaction to the gift. The video was posted to Jenner's Instagram for her massive following to catch sight of the star before she became one of the most famous teens in the world.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]