ISIS Airwaves Fatwas: ‘Voice Of The Caliphate’ Being Broadcast In Afghanistan [Video]

ISIS has taken to the airwaves in Afghanistan in order to spread their fatwas further. ISIS is using radio to broadcast several hours of their propaganda. This effort is being used to spread their message outside of their caliphate and to recruit more people to join their ranks.

Their most prominent message that they are saying over the Afghanistan airwaves is to kill anyone who opposes ISIS. Achin district Governor Haji Ghalib spoke with NBC News and expressed his concern over the latest technological tool used by ISIS.

“If something is not done, it will have very serious consequences.”

Afghanistan is a poor nation. The people there do not have TV’s, and they get their entertainment from the radio. The United States has been keeping an eye on the ISIS faction in Afghanistan. A person at the Pentagon stated that the ISIS group in Afghanistan has progressed from the “initial exploratory phase… and are becoming more operationally active.”

Ash Carter, the Secretary of Defense, also commented on ISIS in Afghanistan.

“We are seeing little nests of [ISIS] spring up around the world, including here in Afghanistan… but I will say that that is a threat that we track very closely.”

Recently, ISIS has been launching attacks in the Nangarhar province. The attacks are getting closer to Jalalabad, the capital of the Nangarhar province. Citizens in Jalalabad grew fearful when they heard ISIS over the airwaves. Some of the citizens in Jalalabad have left the city due to attacks that have been getting closer to them. Azizullah is one of the citizens that has left his home due to fear. Azizullah commented on the crisis. He now lives in a camp with other people who have fled in fear of ISIS.

“We heard about [ISIS] radio a few days ago and for the past two nights I have been listening to it. It has become the talk of the camp. People are afraid, we have seen their brutality and know very well how serious this is. If the government does not stop this it will have a very bad effect on people’s minds — there are a lot of youngsters who will be attracted to them.”

The Taliban still has fighters in Afghanistan. ISIS has been able to recruit members of the Taliban who no longer agree with their mission. These Taliban recruits have experience in the type of fighting that terror groups do. ISIS will not have to waste much time or money training these Taliban soldiers. They also know the area and terrain, and experience like that will only make ISIS stronger in Afghanistan.

A senior commander for the Taliban commented on the ISIS airwaves propaganda. He also spoke to NBC News and stated that the Taliban does not have enough capital to take on ISIS and drive them out of their country.

“We don’t have enough resources as compared to our enemies, but even then we are successful in our job and people listen to us. We have installed transmitters in different places but we used to change the location of the transmitters and radio stations from time to time for security reasons.”

ISIS has proven that they are very good at using technology to spread their message. By taking over the Afghanistan airwaves, they will undoubtedly be able to increase the numbers of Afghanistan citizens who will buy into the propaganda and join them. Many people in Afghanistan fear that the ones most likely to join up with ISIS are the youths who do not have a job.

Now that ISIS is controlling the airwaves in Afghanistan to spread their fatwas, will they be able to get people to abandon their country to join them?

[Image Via YouTube]