Hitler Had One Testicle: Medical Records Show Hitler Had Cryptorchidism, What Does The Condition Mean? [Video]

Adolf Hitler, arguably the most evil person ever to walk the Earth, had only one testicle according to newly discovered medical records. Researchers at the University of Erlangen have come across prison records that talk about an appointment that Hitler had in 1923. In 1923, Hitler was examined by Dr. Josef Brinsteiner who diagnosed him with right-sided cryptorchidism. His right testicle never descended into its proper anatomical location.

The examination of Hitler came when he was arrested and in prison after his first attempt to rise to power in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch. Other than the problem with his testicle, his prison exam stated that he was “healthy and strong.” These medical records were thought to no longer exist, but they showed up at an auction in 2010.

Cryptorchidism occurs in approximately one in 25 boys. Most of the time, only one of the testicles does not descend into the scrotum. Only 10 percent of males with cryptorchidism will not have either testicle descend into the scrotum. Being born with the testicles not in their proper place is rather common. The issue typically resolves itself within the first few months after birth. If by the fourth month after birth the testicle has not dropped, the problem will likely not get fixed on its own. In cases where the testicle does not drop, surgery can be performed to fix the problem.

The Mayo Clinic lists certain risk factors that a male will be born with this testicle problem.

  • Low birth weight
  • Born prematurely
  • A family history where men have been diagnosed with cryptorchidism
  • Consuming alcohol or smoking by the pregnant mother
  • Parental exposure to certain pesticides

Complications from cryptorchidism include testicular cancer, testicular torsion, and infertility.

During Hitler’s and the Nazi Party’s rise to power, children in Britain were singing a song about the fact that Hitler only had one testicle. The lyrics of the song say that his mother was the reason he only had one testicle.

“Hitler has only got one ball, the other is in the Albert Hall. His mother, the dirty b****r, cut it off when he was small.”

Back then, the song was used as a propaganda tool and was based on the rumor that Hitler had only one testicle. The rumor started after World War I where it was claimed that he was wounded in the battle of the Somme and lost his testicle. The rumor has now been proven to be false. The newly discovered medical records of Hitler also prove that his pediatrician lied during his interrogation. In 1943, Hitler’s childhood doctor was interrogated by American officials. During the interrogation, the doctor said that Hitler’s genitals were “completely normal.” An error was also made when the autopsy on Hitler was done. The autopsy report properly states that Hitler had only one testicle, but the report listed the left one as the one that was missing.

On Twitter, users had some interesting comments about the fact that Hitler had one testicle.

my dad: hitler only had one testicle my mum: cool

— home. (@rendezvagina) December 20, 2015

Now that this rumor has finally been put to rest, do you think the fact that Hitler had one testicle was a reason he did the evil things that he did?

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