Kate Upton’s Talents Include Hula Hooping, Running On The Beach [Video]

Kate Upton isn’t just a pretty face. She can run on the beach, she can wear wet t-shirts, she can almost skate board, and she can hula-hoop. The famous model is the subject of a new video from Terry Richardson which showcases the beautiful blonde’s many talents.

Richardson, the controversial photographer who was behind the Kate Upton’s latest GQ photo-shoot, recently released a video called The Many Talents of Kate Upton.

So what are Upton’s talents?

1. Lifeguard Running on the Beach.
2. Skateboarding
3. Hula Hooping
4. Shooting Hoops
5. Riding Roller Coasters
6. Dancing
7. And last but not least… wet t-shirt wearing champion.

That is one talented lady.

Are you a fan of Kate Upton?

For the time being, the model seems to be content with her “talents” as she flaunts her body around the beach.

Upton said:

“It’s like any job. You find your strengths and play them up. I understand why my male followers like me.”

Upton has embarked on her acting career but playing a nun dressed in a bikini really doesn’t shout acting talent.

But who’s complaining. Here’s a video of Kate Upton displaying her many (or one) talents.

[Video doesn’t contain any nudity but it comes close. Beware of bikinis, wet t-shirts, and a jiggly Kate Upton. Watch at your own risk.]