Men’s Mustaches Beat Women In Jobs For Medical Doctors — Gender Pay Gap Loses By A Hair

Patrick Frye - Author

Dec. 8 2017, Updated 5:19 a.m. ET

A new study claims that men’s mustaches beat women in jobs within the medical profession. A doctor with a beard or a hairy lip may be a professional stereotype, but it also turns the gender gap divide may literally be by a hair. The researchers found that men with mustaches tended to dominate the top positions within university-associated medical centers, but do bushy faces really land the jobs in the American health care system?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, although women may not like the latest pay gap news, it turns out that 80 percent of women love those Movember mustaches, and about 20 percent of women would be more likely to date a guy growing a ‘stache in November.

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The Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal may not have been reporting this particular bit of news in a serious fashion, since they admit they “evaluated each leader for the presence of facial hair regardless of sex.” Presumably, these results would include some female leaders who are adverse to waxing their lips, but the study did find that men’s mustaches beat women in jobs overall.

Their conclusion was also not too serious, since they said, “We believe that every department and institution should strive for a moustache index ≥1.” That is presumed to be the British bias coming off in the report; although, the joke is apparently referring to women growing mustaches in order to secure the top positions.


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