Slice Of Princess Diana And Prince Charles' Wedding Cake Sells For $1,375 -- Cake Still Edible Due To Alcohol Content

Tara West

A slice of cake from Prince Charles and Princess Diana's royal wedding reception was auctioned off on Thursday in Los Angeles. The single piece of cake in its original presentation box sold for $1,375. Unfortunately for the seller, the slice of cake did not fetch its pre-auction estimated value of $4,000. However, it wasn't just the royal cake slice that the winner bidder won during the auction. The cake also came wrapped in its original wax paper and doily, along with a card from the royal couple signed the "Prince and Princess of Wales."

The Daily Mail reports that an interesting piece of British Royal history went up for auction on Thursday in Los Angeles. The auction included a fully preserved slice of cake from the British royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The cake, though 34-years-old is still considered edible as the alcohol content of the cake was high enough to keep it from spoiling.

The slice of cake was from the royal wedding reception breakfast of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The wedding reception took place at Buckingham Palace. Over 100 guests attended the big breakfast event and were presented with a slice of the royal couple's wedding case. The cake came in a monogrammed presentation box that included the date of July 29, 1981. The box included the Prince of Wales' feathers and a "CD" monogram, for Charles and Diana.

The cake itself was actually a traditional fruitcake made by the Naval Armed Forces which featured a cream cheese frosting. The auction house noted that the cake slice was in a completely original state and fully intact.

"It is a classic British fruitcake with cream cheese frosting and was made by the Naval Armed Forces. The wedding reception was held at Buckingham Palace for breakfast after the Church of England ceremony at St. Paul's Cathedral. One hundred and twenty guests attended the reception. The cake slice comes in the original white and silver presentation box dated Buckingham Palace 29 July 1981, with Prince of Wales' feathers and 'CD' monogram. The cake slice came with a card stating: 'With best wishes from / Their Royal Highnesses / The Prince & Princess of Wales.' The whole slice is wrapped in original wax paper and doily."

It should come as no surprise that memorabilia from Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding is still highly sought after by collectors, as the wedding was followed from around the world. Auction house owner Sam Heller notes that Princess Diana still captures the hearts of individuals today, despite her passing, and said the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was the most famous wedding of the 20th century.

"The wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles captured the attention of the world on television and through many newspapers and magazines. And even today, people just can not get enough of the late Princess. Collectors are willing to pay a premium to own a piece of history from the most famous wedding of the 20th century."

Princess Diana's son, William, made headlines of his own when he married Kate Middleton, now known as the Duchess of Cambridge. In fact, just last week, the Duchess of Cambridge made headlines when she wore Princess Diana's favorite tiara, the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara, for the first time. Though Princess Diana favored wearing a tiara whenever possible, Kate Middleton rarely wears a tiara. In fact, in the past four years since marrying Prince William, Kate has only donned a tiara on four special occasions, including her wedding day.

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