‘Grimm’ Season 5 Spoilers: The Return of ‘Juliette’ Teased

Regina Avalos

Grimm fans were handed a big shock at the end of the winter finale earlier this month. Nick came face to face with Juliette after she saved him and his friends from a gang of killers. However, there is more to this story.

She may look like Juliette, but she really isn't Juliette.

That piece of information comes straight from Bitsie Tulloch, the actress behind Juliette. She gave fans details about her return to the series in an interview with TV Line.

The woman may look like Juliette. She may even sound like her too, but … she is not Juliette. Her DNA was used to create this new person, but she is not the same woman that Nick spent the last four years of his life living with and loving.

Tulloch shared some about the new Juliette, who is named Eve, with TV Line.

"Remember how Juliette was an animal-loving, tagine-cooking, friendly almost-fiancée? Yeah, Eve's none of those things. The new character 'is a weapon,' Tulloch says. 'She is very bada**, and she's almost robotic… It's not so much that she's ruthless, it's that she's very calculated and all she's focused on is getting the job done.'"

However, fans loved Juliette before all of that happened. Eve is nothing at all like that woman though. She is a fighting machine, and she is focused on her mission.

Tulloch did tease a bit more about what is next when it comes to Eve and Nick. They will meet up for a chat when the series returns.

"As you can imagine, the Scoobies are likely to have huge issues with seeing someone who looks exactly like their dead friend running around town. 'There is a pretty pivotal scene with Nick at some point after the new year, where they sit down and try to discuss what the hell is going on, because he's obviously confused,' Tulloch previews."

The first episode is titled "Eve of Destruction." However, it has also been called "The Return" in some press materials for the return of the series.

Since Bitsie Tulloch's return to the series was revealed on the winter finale, the actress has begun to share more photos from the series. She shared two photos after the winter finale.

— Bitsie Tulloch (@BitsieTulloch) December 12, 2015

— Bitsie Tulloch (@BitsieTulloch) December 12, 2015

The first preview for the second half of Grimm Season 5 does reveal some about the trouble ahead. There is a Wesen war, and Eve is in the middle of it all. The Wesen Council will also bite the dust.

For now, fans have to wait over a month for Grimm's return. What do you think? What will Eve do next? Are you excited to see Bitsie Tulloch back on the series?

[Photo via NBC]