Muse Song Selected As Olympic Theme

Every four years the summer Olympics brings some memorable tunes to carry the ceremonies no matter where it’s featured. This year it looks like rock band Muse will carry the honor with their song “Survival”.

When the athletes enter the stadium for the opening ceremony, the song “Survival” will play, and will also act as the theme for all international promotion for the Olympics televised coverage. It is also said that the song will make it’s first debut later tonight on Radio 1.

When asked about the new track, Muse said, “We are very excited to announce that a Muse song, Survival, has been selected by the London Olympic committee to be the main official song for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Matt wrote the song with the Olympics in mind. It’s about total conviction and pure determination to win.”

The musicians later added about the song, “The song will be played throughout the Games including when athletes enter the stadium, in the lead up to the medal ceremony and also as the theme for all international TV coverage. The worldwide radio exclusive will be tonight on BBC Radio 1 around 19:30 and will be available to buy on iTunes and in the store immediately afterwards. We are honored that the Olympics have chosen our song to officially represent the London 2012 Olympic Games across the globe.”

This isn’t the first time Muse’s music has been featured on television programming. Their music has been featured on Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, as well as film campaigns like Twilight and Seven Pounds.

Are you happy about the decision on the song “Survival” for the London Olympics? Is there another song that you think represents the spirit of the Olympics better?