WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Returns Tomorrow -- Will He Be At 'Raw' On Monday?

This weekend, wrestling fans are getting something they have wanted since the end of October, and that's the return of Brock Lesnar. However, it won't be a televised return as it's going to be at a WWE Live Event at The Forum in California. Now, the question is whether or not he will be showing up at Monday Night Raw in a few days.

At The Forum tomorrow in Inglewood, California, Lesnar will be returning to the ring for the first time since defeating The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell at the end of October. He will be taking on Alberto Del Rio, and rumor has it that it will be for the United States Title.

That title shot appears to be set in stone, but as always, the card is subject to change. If it does indeed happen, then it will be the first time that Lesnar has ever challenged for a title with the company other than the WWE Title or World Heavyweight Championship.

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One thing that is certain is he will be accompanied by his business adviser and professional advocate Paul Heyman, 411 Mania reported.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman will return to WWE tomorrow, and fans can't wait for it, but they will have to wait to see him again. As of now, Lesnar is not going to appear on Monday Night Raw on December 21 and probably won't for a few weeks either.

Lesnar is not scheduled for another WWE event until the Monday Night Raw from New Orleans on January 11, 2016. That means he will miss the three Raw events between his return tomorrow night and his appearance on January 11, as per WWE.com.

As of now, Lesnar isn't advertised for the Raw on January 18 either, and on the WWE Live Events calendar, he's not listed for Royal Rumble. It is known, though, that he's going to be at that January pay-per-view to either be involved in a match or at least make an appearance.

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While Brock Lesnar is typically a big draw, ticket sales have been slow for the show at The Forum in Inglewood tomorrow night. It's been said that the large Los Angeles market isn't selling as well due to the close proximity to Christmas, and they're likely right.

WWE has started running commercials for the house show on national television and even pushed it during SmackDown this past week. Paper advertisements were sent out as well to let everyone know that there would be free food and drink for those buying a ticket.

Yes, ticket sales have been surprisingly weak for the event featuring the return of Brock Lesnar, but again, Christmas is causing some issues, according to F4W Online.

Low ratings and a lot of absences due to injury have had WWE scrambling to do a number of things that they may not have done in the past. Bringing Brock Lesnar back is a big thing, and a recently renegotiated contract has added some more dates and given him more money.

Even though Roman Reigns has finally won the WWE Title and been the focal point of the company, that may soon change.

Brock Lesnar's return to the ring tomorrow is one that could lead to him getting back into the WWE Title picture before too long. Now, unless things change, he won't be on Monday Night Raw or seen again until after the holidays are over, but the "Beast Incarnate" is about to be back.

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